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In the 70’s, Annick Goutal  opened an antique store in Paris called Folavril. Her experience working there was the inspiration for the fragrance of the same name.

Launched in 1980, Folavril is a beautiful scent expression of spring – just not spring in Paris.

Rich mango, which smells like a tropical version of lily of the valley appears right at the start.  Exotic jasmine soon appears to bolster the white floral dimension.  Then Boronia flower shows up with notes of raspberry and violet along with a dry woodiness. It also gives the frag a light note of the smell of clean laundry.  Then, tomato leaf comes forward and adds a spicy, green, vegetal edge that pulls the fruity/florals  back from smelling too sweet or cloying. The drydown has a soft smooth woodiness from the Boronia flower.

The word ‘Folavril’ translates as April Fool, but Annick Goutal isn’t playing a trick. Folavril is a refined, elegant expression of spring. It’s just not springtime in Paris. Her web site says Folavril is: ‘ A truly enticing scent that whisks you away into travel paradise.’
What a great smelling ticket to paradise!

Notes: mango, jasmine, Boronia flower, tomato leaf
Type: EDT
Parfumeur: Annick Goutal

Price: $5.00