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Four Favourites – September 21, 2016


Image - - Bulgari Via Condotti flagship store, Rome, by Antonio Barelli, July 30, 2018

We recently had a cousin of mine, who lives on the east coast, come and visit with us for a few days.

Kind, generous and caring, Sandy is a pleasure to be with. We enjoy a lot of the same things so we're more like close friends than cousins and when we get together there is no shortage of things to talk about.

Of course, given my obsession with fragrance, the conversation always comes around to perfume – which leads to spritzing, sniffing and sharing. After much trying and testing during our visits over the years, I asked Sandy what her four favourites are. She didn’t hesitate to tell me what they were:

Bulgari Black by Annick Menardo for Bulgari

Passage d’Enfer by Olivia Giacobetti for L’Artisan

Sicily 6 Marzo 2008, ore 11 - Piazza Duomo, Ortigia, Siracusa – Sicilia by Marie Salagmagne for Made in Italy

Wonderwood – by Antoine Lie for Comme des Garçons

Of course, they are my favourites too and now what I like most about them is that they remind me of her and bring back memories of time spent together.

Click on the links to read my stories about these four fragrances. You might want to order decants and make some memories of your own.