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Fourreau Noir

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Launched in 2009 Fourreau Noir is part of the exclusive line from Serge Lutens. On his web site, Serge Lutens says: “A fourreau in French means a sheath for a dagger as well as a form-fitting dress... ready to embrace the voluptuous contours of a widow's body.” And so it is.

It opens with a citrus note followed by a soft yet intense note of lavender. The lavender has a metallic edge to it that makes it cool and a licorice aspect that makes it divine and hints at what is to come. As it blooms, the lavender fades which allows a note of tonka bean and immortelle to come forward and from this point on, nothing is the same. Suddenly, Fourreau Noir takes and unexpected, surprising turn - it gets warm, creamy and rich with a note of not-too-sweet caramel from the immortelle. And it also gets smoky – and dangerous! Almond sweetens and balances the smoke as does Lutens’ signature note of rich, dark dried fruit. A whiff of herbal bitterness, likely from the immortelle, gives it a little sharpness. Musk at the base mellows it all out.

The drydown is deep, dark and rich – the scent of a voluptuous woman, capable of unexpected, even dangerous surprises. And while the lavender never really disappears – at least not on me - it is the interplay it has with the tonka bean and immortelle right to the drydown that makes Fourreau Noir so unique and so FBW.

Notes: citrus, lavender, tonka bean, immortelle, smoke accord, almond, dried fruit, herb, musk.

Type: EdP

Parfumeur: Christopher Sheldrake

Price: $8.00