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Fragrance Fears – October 19, 2016



It’s a few days before Hallowe’en and I’ve been having the same frightening nightmare over and over again the last few nights.

It starts out like a dream. I’m in a beautiful place - sometimes it’s a city, sometime it’s by the ocean and sometimes it’s in the mountains - the locale is different each time, but inviting and welcoming. I look great. I’m young and vivacious with a rocking bod (hey, it’s my dream, remember…) and I feel great. I have a cool drink by my hand and I am enjoying the easy company of the good people that are around me. I’m happy, confident and carefree.

Then, someone turns to me and says “What is that magnificent fragrance you are wearing. Tell me where you bought it. I must have some.”

And that’s when it all dissolves into some kind of surreal Dali-esque landscape. Suddenly, I’m alone in a vast, deserted moonscape. I’ve morphed into some kind of insect-like creature with antennae and six legs and I’m scuttling along on dry, cracked earth scattered with melted perfume bottles. At this point, I always wake up in a panic, a scream lodged in my throat.

What brings this on, you ask?  Is it some kind of anemophobia or aerophobia? No, it’s alethephobia – the fear of hearing the truth. Specifically, the fear of hearing the truth that a perfume I love is gone, that it can’t be bought again, worn again, smelled again or shared again.

It is my worst nightmare.

But after I shake it off and settle back into reality, I remember that Kay and I are clever little perfume hoarders, who long ago heeded Luca Turin’s advice that if you love a fragrance buy TWO bottles.

So, here are a few of my favourite gone and so-hard-to-find they might as well be gone, fragrances for you to read about and perhaps try because shared joy is a double joy; shared sorrow is half a sorrow. At least that’s what I once heard in a dream long ago.

L’Wren Scott – by Ralf Schweiger for L’Wren Scott. Aromatic, earthy, floral, musky and mossy but in a subdued way.

Eau de Claudie - A fresh, spicy opening that softens to a warm peppery heart with a dry, soft woody, incense base.

Venezia – by Lucas Sieuzac and Michel Almairac for Laura Biagiotti. An opening of exotic ylang-ylang – rich, floral and almost custardy, with hints of jasmine that foreshadow what’s to come…a dream of a fragrance.

Quand Vient la Pluie – by Thierry Wasser for Guerlain. Contemporary and beautiful - warm, earthy, rooted, and visceral, today’s woman in the flesh. It is, in a word…gorgeous.

There are more gone and so-hard-to-find frags in the Decant Store, but I’m too afraid to go there right now…maybe after Hallowe’en I’ll report on a few more. Baby steps. Baby steps.

Click on the links to read our stories about these memorable fragrances. Maybe you’ll be inspired to try them while you still can.