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Fusion Sacrée pour Lui – My favourite mistake – November 8, 2013 New Fragrance Listing

Photo - CaFleureBonne - Majda Bekkali perfume bottles

I don’t how or where I got the sample, and I’d never heard of the perfumer, but it was an exceptionally beautiful scent, one of those perfumes that requires no thought, and pulls up powerful feelings that excite your soul. I knew I would have to have it. No question about that – my nose knows. Online searching identified it as a scent from a small niche company started by Majda Bekkali a couple of years ago, and it was created by Bertrand Duchaufour. Natch. Now I really wanted it so I found the source – in Paris, of course, Jovoy to be specific – and added it to my “must have” list for Gwen to purchase for me on her next trip to France. Fusion Sacrée would be mine!

And, being an exceptional BFF, she did just that. Except that, unbeknown to me or Gwen at the time, there are two Fusion Sacree scents by Majda Bekkali – Fusion Sacrée pour Elle, and Fusion Sacrée pour Lui. My sample, the one I loved, was the Elle, and Gwen brought me the Lui. Oops! Big mistake, une grave erreur, n’est-ce pas?….

Well, no, actually…no. It turns out that Fusion Sacrée pour Lui is an extraordinary Oriental spicy fragrance, much more stunning to my nose than the Oriental floral fragrance in the little decant I dreamed of owning. Fusion Sacrée pour Elle made me spin with happiness, but Fusion Sacrée pour Lui makes me weak at the knees and lose the power of speech. It is gor-geous!

It opens with a splash of cardamom and lavender on a bed of tart citrus notes - mandarin, lemon, bergamot – the spicy cardamom making it pungent, the herbal lavender making it aromatic. And then Duchaufour pours in the rum, boozy with sweet caramel and wood notes, it swirls into the spice accord transforming it into something dark, rich, and delicious, almost gourmand. I could drink this! But before Fusion Sacrée pour Lui descends into foody territory, bitter black coffee, medicinal clove, hints of menthol from tuberose, green geranium are added to this fascinating cocktail, keeping it rich and opulent as it moves into the heart. There is a huge amount of wrist and arm-sniffing as I follow the dry-down.  Damn, this is beautiful!

Black licorice, thick caramel , and vanilla, bring the gourmand facets up again, and they are soon joined by warm and smoky resins, benzoin, amber and opoponax with its balsamic tones, and wood notes, such as cedar and creamy sandalwood, and salty musk, so that Fusion Sacrée pour Lui lures me in with a narcotic force. Edging on gourmand but never succumbing, this fragrance is sublime, dark and forceful from the distinctive rum notes but owns a tantalizingly lush spiced floral centre, and an almost-not-there smokiness from top to bottom. The warm woody sweet/salty musky ending is perfection on my skin on this cold day, the scent subtly imbedded in my sweaters and cashmere scarf.

Pour Lui means “for Men” but this is an EdP that, beyond any question, was made to be  worn by women, too. Majda Bekkali says on her website that, after a decade working in the perfume industry, she "set out to explore other channels, and work on precious essences and unique designs, allowing my creativity to take flight." Working with Bertrand Duchaufour, she has created an impressive range of truly niche scents. Full of notes, and full of contrasts, Fusion Sacrée pour Lui is perfectly balanced in the Duchaufour style, owning that special spiritual appeal that all his fragrances seem to have, in my opinion.

A big mistake? Hardly. Fusion Sacrée pour Lui is more like my most favourite mistake, a sublime mistake. Actually, I think it was the perfume gods at work, and not a mistake at all.

Today, we’re adding Fusion Sacrée pour Lui to our Decant Store. Decants are $5.00.