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The Gamekeeper

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Part of the Australian artisanal Bud Parfums Men’s range, The Gamekeeper really is non-gendered – anyone who loves vintage or unusual frags will love The Gamekeeper. Inspired by the character of the Gamekeeper in Lady Chatterley’s Lover, the lover of the infamous Lady Chatterley, it’s a chypre, built on the classic bergamot/oakmoss/labdanum structure, but it’s a chypre like I’ve never sniffed before.

It starts out smelling like a traditional cologne, reminding me briefly of Guerlain Du Coq , then as it gathers momentum, offering hints of Guerlain Jicky. It’s citrusy but not sweet, with a slightly sour note underlying the orange branches and blossoms, a note that’s obviously green but with a lemony resinous waft. Interesting….! The scent feels light, like a cologne, but twenty minutes later it’s been “chypred” by the oakmoss and labdanum, and is now more complex, and much richer. There’s some darkness around the edges that has a deeper attraction.

The Gamekeeper becomes truly an ahhhh frag when the patchouli and musk come into the mix. It becomes openly sensual – the earthy resinous oakmoss and palmarosa oil, which smells like lemon geranium,  give a skanky undertone, and the patchouli and musk give it a vampy vibe. The notes weave in and out, merging and separating, the sweet from orange blossom and rich labdanum, green oakmoss, darker patchouli, skin-soft musk, coming up to the surface at different times, but always in perfect balance,  making The Gamekeeper such a compelling scent as I catch the quiet waft over the next few hours. The quality ingredients Howard uses give it excellent longevity and sillage for a naturally based fragrance.
The Gamekeeper smells light, sensual, but complex, a truly original fragrance.
Notes: petit grain, palmarosa oil, orange blossoms, patchouli, oak moss, labdanum and musk.
Type: EdC
Parfumeur: Howard Jarvis

Price: $5.00