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Grey Flannel

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Grey Flannel is classified as a masculine green floral, and was created for the American designer Geoffrey Beene by André Fromentin, launched in 1975, and re-issued in 1996, which usually means the formula is changed, but in this case, the changes are difficult to pin down – the reviews say it still smells great!
Luca Turin in Perfumes The A-Z Guide, describes it as a “sweet green” and gives it a five-star Masterpiece rating...”Very few masculines have been more influential than is the halfway stop in the long journey that leads from Fougère Royale to Fahrenheit...[and]...Cool Water.”
Grey Flannel lands a one-two punch right out of the bottle – bitter galbanum, herbs and dried citrus assault the nose, immediately followed with a thick cloud of dark green violet leaf that catches the throat. The intense greenness starts to change to a sweet grass and violet-rose floral accord, tempered by iris and pale almond in the mid-rounds , and by the final rounds the oakmoss and woods are a perfect balance to the intensity of the opening.
After about three hours, GF smells cool, mossy, woody, very smooth, and very classy, an unexpected ending to what starts out as a super aggressive masculine.I can see why LT rates Grey Flannel as a five-star masterpiece. 
Grey Flannel has all the hallmarks of a niche fragrance, and smells expensive.And the best part? Grey Flannel  is ridiculously cheap.
Notes: galbanum, neroli, petit grain, bergamot and lemon; mimose, orris, violet, sage, rose, geranium and narcissus; tonka bean, almond, oakmoss, vetiver and cedar.
Type: EdT
Parfumeur: André Formentin

Price: $5.00