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Launched by Parfums Montale, Greyland is the smell of Heathcliffe, Mr. Darcy, Lancelot and a hint of Rhett Butler.

That’s right, Greyland, or Mr. Greyland as I like to refer to it, is the smell of a man right out of a romance novel - handsome, adventurous, and strong - and his devotion, loyalty, passion and love for one woman.

Off the top there is a citrus/incense combo that goes right to a cedarwood/leather accord warmed by spicy pepper and ginger. Cardamom adds just a hint of sweetness while elemi gives it a deep note of pine. I. Want.This.Man! Actually, what I really want is for him to want me.

This is wood/leather/spice blend is the very definition of ‘manly’, but Mr. Greyland isn’t a caveman. No. The pepper warms rather than screams, the leather isn’t bold and the woods don’t dominate. This man is dashing, smooth and refined and a little untamed, from the dirtiness that vetiver gives him. And, he’s in touch with his feminine side too cause there is rock rose swimming around at the base of musk, sandalwood and benzoin. The drydown is dry, cool, sophisticated and is full of promise. 

Whenever I wear it I get heady whiffs of pine, sandalwood, and pepper rising from my skin for hours. Yes, that’s right, I wear Greyland from time to time, but this is one of those rare occasions when I have to say that this frag definitely smells better on a man.

Notes: citrus, benzoin, cedarwood, pepper, ginger, cardamom, elemi, vetiver, sandalwood, leather, musk, rock rose

Type: EdP Parfumeur: Pierre Montale


Price: $5.00