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Guerlain Homme EdT – Cool and bright, warm and sunny

I love using citrus in cooking. The juice from a fresh lemon, lime, or orange magically spikes flavour, and can immediately transform something that’s just ho-hum into something insanely delicious. Fish tacos come to mind…

Limes are my favourite. I love their intense green colour, I love the fresh burst from the zest, I love the bite of the bittersweet juice that works its magic on seafood, salads, sauces, and just about any kind of drink, hot or cold, especially alcoholic. Vodka tonic, Cuba Libra without a twist of lime? Unthinkable. 

The lime note is used in fragrances, also with magical effect. Here’s my story about a mens’ fragrance that uses it better than most. Read on…

I'm focused on the mindless task of dusting and tidying when I pick up a bottle on my husband’s dresser and give myself a quick spritz. The explosion that hits my nose snaps my brain to attention. Lime!! The bottle in my hand is Guerlain Homme EdT.

A blast of lime citrus, fresh and boozy with a hint of crushed mint leaf, just like a deliciously chilled mojito, instantaneously lifts my mood. I continue working with new-found vigor, sniffing my wrist every few minutes for another inhale, trying to picture what exactly it is I’m smelling in this delicious accord. Lime, mint, and RUM! 

As the spritz dries down, the lime note still dominates but is less bitter and more aromatic, the mint becomes more subtle and the rum note shifts from white to a golden colour, adding the soft caramel sweetness of sugarcane. By the time I finish my work half an hour later, Guerlain Homme EdT is transformed from cool and fresh and bright, to warm and woody and sunny! 

On its seamless smooth dry-down into warm and woody, Guerlain Homme EdT makes some interesting olfactory stops along the way. Earthy notes of green tea and vetiver, peppery-lemony perlagonium, the distinct vegetal scent of green rhubarb are all there for those who take the time to notice them.  The warm base accord is the lovely woodsy aroma of cedarwood mixed with the lime and mint accord, perfectly balanced with the slightly sweet booziness of the golden rum, not too much, not too little. Guerlain Homme is neck-nuzzling good!

Guerlain Homme EdT was launched in 2008, shortly after perfumer and Creative Director Jean-Paul Guerlain retired and named Thierry Wasser as his successor, and it was roundly criticized by perfume purists as being too mainstream, too generic, and basically, one-dimensional and boring. The new Creative Director had made a scent that departed from the Guerlain “Guerlinade” formula, the signature accord of amber, vanilla, and wood notes that is so beloved by perfume lovers. Traditionalists were not amused.

So Guerlain Homme EdT existed under the radar, and deeper and darker flankers were introduced, such as Homme EdP and Homme Intense to keep the Homme theme alive. In truth, Guerlain Homme EdT was aimed at a newer, younger male consumer just starting a scent wardrobe who wanted a lighter, more contemporary, less complex fragrance than the Derby, Habit Rouge, or Heritage that his father wore. 

Guerlain Homme EdT can be viewed as a pared-down, simplified version of Guerlain’s iconic Vetiver, Vetiver with out the spice and herbs. It’s extremely well-made, and not at all generic, or dull and boring. In fact, there’s a lot going on in this refined and subtle scent. The wonderfully unique opening accord of lime and mint and rum lasts throughout the entire dry-down, which was about eight hours on my wrist, and I can’t think of another citrus-based male fragrance that makes such a clever and satisfying transition from cool to warm as Guerlain Homme EdT. It’s a scent that exudes good feeling and quiet confidence, a scent to wear by anyone, anytime, anywhere, and feel really good wearing it.

I bought Guerlain Homme EdT online a few months ago, put it on the dresser intending to give it to my husband, then forgot about it. If I’d known there were limes hiding inside that impressive Ferrari-designed silver and glass bottle, it would be all gone by now. 

Guerlain Homme EdT is listed in our Decant Store. Decants are $5.00 for 1 ml.

Image - Guerlain Homme, bottle by Ferrari -