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Guerlain Vetiver


Created in 1959, Vetiver is a classic regarded as the benchmark vetiver scent for men that feels very modern. Why should this particular vetiver be regarded as the benchmark?  When you smell it, and experience the drydown, the magic is revealed.
Out of the bottle there’s a burst of citrus, especially lemon and bitter zest, like grapefruit. I also get the wonderful green rooty vetiver right from the start, and then for the next fifteen minutes the vetiver and citrus mix with the peppery spices. It’s a swirl of bright fresh aromatic notes that almost vibrates with intensity.
Into the heart the tobacco appears, but it reminds me of sweet tobacco in a pouch rather than tobacco burning in a pipe – an almost floral sweetness rather than dense smokiness. Vetiver and oakmoss in the base make it  green and earthy, and the tonka makes it a bit darker with a hint of bitter dusty mocha.
And that’s Vetiver - perfectly balanced - fresh, clean and bright, but mossy, earthy, warm and dark all at the same time – reflecting the perfect dichotomy of nature.Vetiver blooms on my skin throughout the day, the sillage is soft and refined, the feeling is calm and serene, the scent is beyond beautiful.
Guerlain Vetiver. Just for men? I don't think so.
Notes: orange, lemon, bergamot, pepper, coriander, nutmeg, oakmoss, vetiver, tobacco, and tonka bean
Type: EdT
Parfumeur: Jean-Paul Guerlain

Price: $5.00