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The Guerlain website describes Héritage EdT as a “Spicy Oriental." Refined, warm, authentic, designed for a man who is at once a trustee for tradition and a herald of a new spirit.” Well, that quaint hyperbole was likely written for the launch in 1992 but tastes and perfume rules have changed since then. Corporate grey flannel suits have morphed into jeans, tees, and cool sweaters, and IFRA regulations have stripped some of the weight out of older scents, but in the case of Héritage EdT, no damage done – the good bones are still there, a little leaner and less muscled but still refined, warm and authentic.
Héritage is bright and fresh at the opening with bergamot and a lavender note stoked with tonka bean so that it’s smooth and creamy. Herbal and green notes make it more aromatic for a few minutes, then patchouli and tonka mix in the lavender accord, giving it the Guerlinade effect in a non-sweet way. Pepper and coriander add a spicy polish to the heart and then Héritage settles into a long golden Oriental dry-down of cedar and sandalwood, rich amber, patchouli, musk, and vanilla woven through with the lavender notes. Softly aromatic with a smooth rich warmth, Héritage wears like a second skin, with effortless radiance and classic refinement.
Habit Rouge was created by Guerlain as the first Oriental fragrance for men, and Héritage takes that concept even further, into Shalimar territory. The scent can’t be described as sweet but there is a vanilla vibe, and the lavender is non-gendered, even more subdued than in the perfume world’s very first unisex fragrance, Guerlain’s Jicky. The woods and spices are deep and rich but so perfectly controlled that,  even though Héritage EdT is composed from the distinctive olfactory heritage of Guerlain, it emerges as a truly modern, one-hundred percent genderless scent.
Notes: Bergamot, green accords, lavender, clary sage, nutmeg; pepper, coriander; cedar, vetiver, patchouli, amber, tonka bean, oakmoss, sandalwood, vanilla.
Type: EdT
Parfumeur: Jean-Paul Guerlain

Price: $4.00