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Hidden Treasures: Part 1 - November 2, 2016


When I shop, especially for things I have a real interest in, like fragrances, I always talk to a sales person. I learn a lot more that way. Sometimes what I came in to buy isn’t what I leave with. It’s often better.

Over time, I develop a relationship with these people and they get to know what I like, so that when I drop by they sometimes have something they’ve put aside for me – something they think I will like, something special.

Which leads me to ask them “What else have you got in that drawer?” and that’s when the real fun begins as they haul stuff out and look deeper and deeper for the things some other SA hid, or things  they forget they had put away, or mislabeled, the things that are discontinued or off-sale. I love this part.

It’s like going through a friend’s jewelry box or tool box and discovering new, old stuff. Not the stuff you see every day, the treasures hidden away.

It’s the same here at the niche. Sometimes someone will email us asking if we have a particular fragrance because they can’t find it in the Decant Store. If we have the fragrance and it isn’t listed in the Decant Store, it’s because we haven’t written about it yet. So, in order for them to be able to order it, we have to list it. Get it?

This has resulted in a number of hidden treasures scattered throughout the decant store - fragrances you can buy, even though we haven’t written about them yet.

Why are we coming clean about some of these hidden treasures now? Well, yesterday someone ordered a decant of Mon Premier by Claudie Pierlot. It hadn’t been blogged about, so they really had to scour the decant store to find it.  When I saw that order come in with Mon Premier in it, I recognized a kindred spirit and realized that there may be others out there.

So, here today are six hidden treasures in the Decant Store. Bear in mind, that because we haven’t written about these fragrances, they just have a bare-bones description and notes listed from the manufacturer’s website.  All of this might change once we give the fragrance our full attention and blog in depth about them.

But, if you've heard of the fragrance, seen it, tried it or you’re just looking for a new discovery, well, then you’ve just found treasure!

Why just six? So that the fun of discovery can be repeated over and over again…

Aviation Club by Isabelle Michaud for Monsillage

Cuir by Mona di Orio for Mona Di Orio Parfums

Lovely by Laurent Le Guernec and Clement Gavarry for Sarah Jessica Parker

Mon Premier for Claudie Pierlot

Royal Princess Oud by Olivier Creed Oud for CREED

Vétiver by Annick Goutal for Annick Goutal Parfums

Click on the links to see if there is treasure hidden here for you.