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Hippie Rose

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Hippie Rose opens with a fresh accord of oak moss, bergamot and green notes, which likely includes musk because right way I detect that soft salty-skin undertone of musk mixed in with the citrusy mossy earthiness of the top-notes. This fresh accord is sitting on top of patchouli, lovely green-herbal natural patchouli, not dark-musty-sweet-heavy-head-shop patchouli. It all smells light and airy, and full of promise.
And then the rose starts to come up through the greens, clear and pure and spicy. I adore this kind of rose note – it’s a young fresh rose newly opened, with green leaves and soft thorns. No sweet powdery mature rose vibe. And this is the heart of Hippie Rose, this aromatic-realistic rose and the airy green-patchouli accord swirling together.
As Hippie Rose dries down, it warms up with more musk and amber, and a hint of smoky incense, so that the scent becomes slightly sweeter and definitely richer and deeper, the greens fading into a grassy vetiver, which floats on the heavier basenotes. The scent has lasting power and a light, persistent sillage that never overpowers, one of the hallmarks of James Heeley’s style.
It is truly a rose rather than a patchouli scent. Heeley’s inspiration may have been from times gone by, but his creation is very modern, and very un-hippie-ish, despite its name.
Notes: bergamot, green moss, Bulgarian rose, patchouli, incense, Haitian vetiver, amber, musk
Type: EdT
Perfumeur: James Heeley

Price: $5.00