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Ipanema Posto Nove


I think it is one of the newest freshest chic summer scents I’ve smelled in a long time. I smell the green violet right away – it’s one of my favourite notes and makes me very happy – and I get the florals, the rose more than the jasmine, but it’s when the clove and coconut start to come into the mix that I begin to realize that this isn’t just another nice niche scent in a nice bottle.

The florals and coconut create a lush milky orchidy cloud , and the unexpected green violet note keeps it steamy , vapourish, only slightly sweet and very exotic. Mandarin and sweet fern add to the lushness as the scent moves into the heart.  I can detect the patchouli after an hour or so, but it is soft and subtle and keeps quietly in the background along with the cedar and incense making the scent richer and only slightly darker as it dries down.

Isabelle Michaud’s  inspired floral coconut accord is the star in Ipanema Post Nove. It definitely gives this scent a uniquely feminine feel, but also makes it very modern and very light, the perfect frag for summer heat.

Notes: jasmine, rose, clove, coconut milk, violet, rosewood, mandarin, sweet fern, patchouli, cedar, incense
Type: EdT
Parfumeur: Isabelle Michaud

Price: $4.00