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Iris Silver Mist – Perfect any day (March 28, 2011 New Fragrance Listing)

Photo Wikipedia - Iris Watii by Stan Shrebs, March 2006

Some people select the perfumes they are going to wear based on the weather – this is a cold autumn day scent, this is a hot summer day fragrance. I do that sometimes, but most of my day-to-day scents are worn based on mood. Some days when I’m blue, I need something a little uplifting, on difficult days I need something that makes me feel powerful and some days I just need to be transported someplace else, no matter what the weather is like outside my window.

This morning after the alarm went off, I lay in bed for a few minutes reviewing the day ahead of me. One very challenging client, one long, tedious meeting, an overpriced business lunch downtown, the gym, what to have for dinner, what to buy for dinner – I rolled over, pulled the sheets over my head, sighed a deep sigh and considered my options. I could cancel my appointments and lie in bed all day reading and eating bon bons – nah, I usually do that on Tuesdays. I could work from home, or fake my own death and be free! Then, I thought of Iris Silver Mist. Time stood still for a moment as I turned off Deepfunk St. onto Whatagreatday Ave. I threw off the sheets, leapt out of bed, rooted around for my bottle of ISM and inhaled a big whiff of it and started humming as I headed to the shower.

Iris Silver Mist can do that, it’s just that awesome. It opens with a big green tang of galbanum paired with earthy, cold, moist iris. As the galbanum passes, the sensuous iris blooms, growing less raw and more elegant. Cedar and sandalwood highlight the iris by adding a deep woody contrast. A note of clove appears for a little while and stands right up beside the iris, its warm spiciness playing off the cold rootiness of the iris. Vetiver bolsters the green aspect of the iris, while amber, incense and musk at the base give it a beautiful sheer resiny drydown.

Iris is the star of this frag and is prominent throughout. It’s powerful earthy rawness at the start can give you…well, a start. Over time though, it becomes less assertive, less raw - not softer, but graceful and quite sheer revealing layers of warmth, woodiness, spiciness, greenness. So beautifully done, you know you are experiencing a masterpiece.

And that is worth getting out of bed for any day.

Iris Silver Mist is listed in our Decant Store. Decants are $7.00 for 1 ml.

NOTE: This is a European exclusive in the Serge Lutens line and is not available in stores or online in North America.