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Jeux de Peau

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Jeux de Peau, “play on skin” which translates as Skin Games - is described as an Oriental Woody, inspired by memories from Lutens’ childhood in Lilles, where it was his task to get the daily bread from the bakery.
First up are  notes of fresh crusty bread, toasted over an open flame,  burnt around the edges (my favourite kind of toast), and faintly tinged with licorice (did young Serge secretly bring his stash of black licorice to the breakfast table, hiding it in his lap?).

The bright licorice note transforms into immortelle – dark maple syrup and spice – and the bread note changes from baguette to croissant, buttery but toasted, slightly bitter. This is so delicious, and the deliciousness is amplified by the combination of osmanthus and amber - sweetened apricot mixed with creamy custard.

The golden fruit note brightens Jeux de Peau for a few minutes, but then is caramelized by the aromatic sandalwood and dark woody notes in the dry-down, so that the gourmand effect is never obtrusive. The dry-down is pure magic, with hints of floral accords, sometimes a slight sour edge, but the immortelle is constant from its appearance as a top-note, and its maple-incense effect elegantly softens the dark roast coffee and bitter chocolate notes which finish up this olfactory feast.

 It melts into my skin and blooms all day, staying close but full and rich. It’s definitely a skin scent with contrasts -  I find it incredibly beautiful.

Notes: bread note (pyrazine), spices, licorice, apricot(osmanthus), immortelle, sandalwood, woody notes, amber.
Type: EdP
Parfumeurs: Serge Lutens , Christopher Sheldrake

Price: $7.00