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Jicky Parfum Extrait


Jicky Parfum Extrait is definitely different from the EdT. It has a more nuanced presence right from the start, less brash but more of everything, more rounded and full, rich and creamy, subtly orchestrated so that the notes and accords unfold seamlessly and slowly. The civet is quietly there at the top and builds slowly, demanding attention and gathering momentum into the heart, wrapping Jicky Parfum in a cashmere blanket of skankiness rather than the light veil in the EdT version. The base is filled with warm cozy amber, bits of leather from benzoin, creamy sandalwood and rosewood, lazy seductive musks and dark vanilla, and its deep beauty wafts subtly for hours, making Jicky Parfum Extrait feel much more grown-up than the EdT. 
So, here’s the difference between the two Jicky versions:
 Jicky EdT is lighter with more lavender and citrus but still has enough of the civet skank appeal to keep it interesting all through the day. 
Jicky Parfum Extrait is bigger and fuller and darker and richer with a big dose of civet and musks to keep it interesting all through the night.
Try them both, and you’ll see for yourself.
Jicky EdT is also listed in our Decant store. Decants are $5.00 for 1 ml.
Notes: spices, civet, lemon, lavender, woods, vanilla, musks, 
Type: Parfum Extrait

Price: $20.00