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Kenzo Jungle pour Homme


In 1998, Kenzo Jungle pour Homme was released, for which Kenzo chose the zebra as its motif. The website: “The zebra in KENZO JUNGLE is fast and untamable. He longs for freedom and wide open spaces. A symbol of pure masculinity…. 
Kenzo Jungle pour Homme was created by Olivier Cresp, creator of the two iconic modern scents, Angel and Dune, and opens with the familiar spicy blast of Jungle L’Elephant, but this accord comes with a dash of aromatic green. Fresh zesty lime and bitter mate tea notes are woven through the peppery nutmeg and cardamom mix, giving it an unusual tart sweetness, with a honeyed vetiver aspect. It’s a wonderful, distinctive opening, and I wish it would last a little longer but after five minutes or so, it begins to change as it dries down into the heart, transforming into creamy spiced sandalwood with hints of dusty oudwood.
Jungle pour Homme begins to feel warm and elegant as the wood notes expand – the leather note of the Atlas cedar, and the fresh forest note of the Lebanon blue cedar. Mixed with benzoin and vanilla, the woody dry-down becomes ultra-smooth and layered with vibrant warmth as the spice accord still works its magic, with hints of that lime citrus note.
Jungle pour Homme has an intelligent yet exotic quality that takes it out of the predictable woody mens fragrance category. The contrast of tart green sweetness with spice in the opening is unexpected but so appealing, and then the wonderfully warm dry-down gives it depth and distinction that make this such an easy fragrance to wear. The sillage is controlled, and the lasting power is excellent.
Not as intimidating or majestic a fragrance as Jungle L’Elephant, Jungle pour Homme, has its own unique surprises. Built on brilliantly controlled contrasts of tart and sweet, spicy and green, creamy and dusty, resinous and smooth, it develops a sensuous elegance that sets it apart.
Just like the black and white striped zebra. There is nothing else like it.
Notes: Sweet lime, mate, nutmeg, musk mallow seeds, Atlas cedar, Lebanon blue cedar, benzoin , vanilla, guaiacwood
Type: EdT
Parfumeur: Olivier Cresp

Price: $5.00