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La Treizième Note Homme


The website for Absolument Psrfumeur states that La Treizième Note Homme is “one for a man of mystery, power and refinement” and admonishes that we should let the fragrance rest on the skin for five minutes before sniffing, so the notes can aerate and balance (this is true of any scent when applied to skin BTW). But I can’t help myself - I sniff right away.
The opening is definitely aromatic, bursting with an accord of unmistakable basil with dusty sage and anis, scattered over raw meat – the slightly sweet smell of beef filet or lamb rack, which has been generously peppered, ready for the grill. After the magic five minutes have elapsed, the accord is still herbal but less meaty, and has been merged with spices – I can pick out the clove and chamomile  and fleeting wafts of HOTHOTHOT. After the first thirty minutes, the resins of wood notes are detected, and then patchouli, leather and musk transform “mystery, power, and refinement” into Sexy. And, wouldn’t you know, in the dry-down I’m met by the same haunting herbal waft that I experience in their original scent, Absolument Absinthe.
So what about the name – the 13th Note? How did that come about? The website states that: “ In the world of perfume, notes are the essences assembled to create a unique perfume. The legend says that it is the very last, the famous 13th Note, that allows each of the other notes to melt, to harmonize and to transcend, to give the perfume its incredible and provocative power.”
Now, I’m familiar with the story of the 13th note in music, which doesn’t exist in reality, but is said to create harmony. The legend of the 13th note in perfumery comes from the film Perfume: The Story of a Murderer  : ” In ancient Egypt people thought that they could create a great and unique perfume simply by adding one note … The 13th note … the final essence, different from all the others …” This legend is only in the film, and not part of the original book, which I’ve read, so who knows? Pascal Rollande is a expert marketer, as well as a gourmand and the owner of a perfume company, and the myth of the 13th note makes a great story as well as a great name for a perfume.
La Treizieme Note Homme is aromatic, fresh, spicy, woody and warm. Subtle and sophisticated, and sexy. Meant for a man, I love it, too, and I am definitely femme. Maybe the magic ingredient, the 13th note, is the person who wears it.
Notes: Mandarine, anis and basil from Provence, camomille, black pepper, chili pepper, white clove, sage and wormwood, Atlas and American cedar, patchouli, leather and white musc.
Type: EdP
Parfumeur: Marc Villaceque

Price: $5.00