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La Violette – Spring can really hang you up the most (March 12, 2012 New Fragrance Listing)

Photo - perfumeniche - Violas

 Where I live winters are long and spring is short. Even when winter is mild, as it was this year, it’s still, well, winter. Days are short, nights are long and there is a compulsion to seek warmth and coziness.

But early March is a teaser – warm one day, snow the next - is that a crocus blooming in the neighbour’s garden? Spring is coming as it does here, shy and tentative.

I’m craving spring, but not mine, someone else’s, somewhere else. Trolling through web sites late one night, I found this on Annick Goutal’s web site:
Souvenirs: the little bouquets, now so rare, that they used to sell here and there on the streets…Those that we place on the festive tables, the days where the starched white tablecloths leave the cupboards... As in this family house of Averyon that Annick Goutal loved so much and which was called... "La Violette".

Honestly, they had me at “little bouquets”. Reading led to sniffing, sniffing led to spritzing, and spritzing led to buying. Smelling La Violette on my wrist now, I am inhaling the perfect evocation of spring - somewhere else.

La Violette is a soliflore, a fragrance that reproduces the scent of a single flower. Generally, I’m not a big fan of soliflores – I like my perfumes deep and complex, just the way I like my whiskey - but there is something to be said for the creative vision and skill required to interpret the scent experience of a single flower into an evocative fragrance and La Violette is an outstanding expression of that vision and skill.

La Violette is no shy violet. It opens boldly with a blast of metallic violet that is soon sweetened by red fruits, so that it smells like the little purple violet candies my English aunt used to send me when I was a child. That’s what gets you hooked. It’s not long before a tangy green note appears, making the scent smell more natural - of flower, leaf and stem - as if it were a little bouquet of violets. Turkish rose is here too, adding an opulence that rounds out and warms the violet. A touch of iris gives it a powdery, vintage feel. As a soliflore, La Violette is a pretty linear, but it’s so refined and feminine, so beguiling and entrancing that you don’t mind.

La Violette is the perfect cure for the winter blues. Come to think of it, it’s also the antidote for the summer blahs and the lows of autumn. Oh, hell, I love wearing it anytime cause it makes me feel so good!

Today, we’re adding La Violette to our decant offerings. Decants are $4.00.