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Le b.

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Just behind St. Eustace, on rue du Jour in the 1er arrondissement in Paris there is a shop called Agnès b. Actually, there are Agnès b. shops at numbers 2, 3 and 6 rue du Jour - one for men (No. 3), one for women (No. 6) and one for kids (No. 2). In fact, there a few Agnès b. shops in Paris, but rue du Jour is my favourite cause it has the best selection.

Agnès b. is a French fashion designer. She was born Agnès Andrée Marguerite Troublé in Versailles in 1941. She worked as a junior editor at Elle Magazine but she soon realized that she would raher design clothes than write about them and so after studying she opened her first boutique in Les Halles in 1975.

Over time her business expanded to include menswear, childrens wear, maternity wear, leather goods, skincare and cosmetics. In 1987 she launched Le b. perfume. To mark the 20th anniversary of the frag, Le b. was relaunched in 2007 and given an update by nose Olivia Giacobetti.

Inspired by Agnès b.’s memories of vacations by the sea - the smell of suitcases opened after a summer vacation by the sea, or of the veil of linen dried in the sun or that of silk satin on the skin. Le b. opens softly with a light note of sweet orange flower and clean, fresh lemon leaf. Soon a salty note from watermelon seeds appears along with a floral note from carnal jasmine. As it blooms on the skin, it smells of summer on a tropical beach – the salty sea, exotic white flowers, skin warmed by the sun –  experienced through clean linen clothing.

This is a subtle, soft and aquatic scent that stays close to the skin that takes you to the beach anytime you want to go.

Notes: orange flower, lemon leaf, watermelon seeds and jasmine.
Type: EDT
Parfumeur: Olivia Giacobetti


Price: $5.00