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Le Maroc pour elle

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Launched in 2005, Le Maroc pour elle was the first perfume Andy Tauer created and one of my favourite Andy Tauer scents.

Andy Tauer is a game changer. A Swiss living in Zurich, he is a self taught perfumer. He starting making perfumes in 2004 for Medieval art&vie, a little bookshop in Zurich, where his fragrances can still be bought. Over the years he has gained a reputation for being uncompromising when it comes to ingredients and for having a total commitment to the craft of perfumery. The results are outstanding fragrances like Une Rose Chyprée, L`Air du Désert Marocain, Orange Star and Lonestar Memories. These frags had reviewers swooning and put Andy in the pantheon of great perfumers. And they changed the way I experienced fragrance.

Le Maroc pour elle opens with bitter orange from petitgrain deepened and sweetened with juicy mandarin tempered with a floral note of lavender. As it blooms, rose, rich, opulent and dark, appear along with lush, exotic jasmine to create a floral heart that is beautiful, sensuous and a little dirty. As it moves towards the base, patchouli gives it a medicinal camphouous facet that borders on hypnotic and just belongs here. It gets woody too, from cedarwood from the High Atlas mountains of Morocco smoothed with sandalwood. Still, hours later, I can still smell the rose and jasmine.
The drydown is rich, exotic, a littlie dirty, a little sweet, sensuous, erotic.

Of note: over time the colour of Le Maroc pour elle deepens because of the high quality of the ingredients used. This does not diminish or compromise the fragrance and in fact, I think it’s even better.

Notes: petitgrain, lavender, mandarin, Moroccan rose, Moroccan jasmine absolute, Moroccan cedarwood from the High Atlas, sandalwood, patchouli.

Type: EdP

Parfumeuer: Andy Tauer


Price: $5.00