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L'Eau Froide


Serge Lutens is a genius, an artist creating in the most difficult of mediums. So I was intrigued when I read that he was launching another “L’Eau” in early 2012 – this one called L’Eau Froide (Cold Water). I was more intrigued when I read some excellent reviews, and learned that the scent was based on incense. Incense is one of my perfume hot buttons.

L’Eau Froide smells exactly like cold incense. There are other notes, of course, but the notes don’t matter because I can’t smell them, except for mint in the first 30 seconds. The first few sniffs compare to leaving the house on a bitter cold day, and breathing air that freezes your sinuses and burns your face. The effect is sharp, bitter like citrus, peppery-hot but not aromatic. A few minutes into the drydown, the scent becomes cold incense, like the air in a vast stone church, which it remains, softening and sweetening after a few hours into a skin scent with a hint of musk.

L’Eau Froide does not smell like water, or ice, it doesn’t smell clean, nor is it an “anti-perfume”. It smells pure. And cold. It is extraordinary, and so very different.

Notes: Somalian incense, mint, vetiver, aquatic accord and musk.
Type: EdP
Parfumeur: Serge Lutens

Price: $5.00