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I’ve been thinking a lot about bees lately, about how important they are to life on this planet. Without bees, it wouldn’t take long before we all slowly vanished.

Maria Candida Gentile has been thinking about bees, too. Maria Candida Gentile studied in Grasse, France under the master perfumer Carol Andre, and she is the first Italian woman in thirty years to receive the title Maître Parfumeur from the Perfume Institute in Grasse, France. Her fragrances are created with a very high percentage of natural essential oils, so being an independent, natural perfumer with extraordinary talent, it follows that she would understand the importance of bees.

Her 2014 collection of three scents is called “Il volo del calabrone – The Flight of the Bumblebee”, and all three scents feature the beeswax and honey note. In each fragrance, the honeycomb used is from a different country, where the bees pollinate and feed on native flora: Kitrea is Italy, Synconium is Spain, and Leucò is France. French bees must spend their short lives exclusively inside white flowers because Leucò is a beautiful union of white florals and honey.

Tuberose is a note that needs careful handling, otherwise it can be over-powering, but in the hands of Signora Gentile, it becomes sheer and luminous. Opening with an airy accord of honeyed beeswax and labdanum (incense), Leuco feels light and slightly powdery. It warms up and sweetens in a few minutes with a discreet lily note, more like green-tinged lily buds just opening, which adds an unexpected floral freshness.

About ten minutes later the tuberose note appears and opens slowly until it projects a soft shimmery lush indolic sweetness, perfectly balanced by the animalic golden note of the honey and the powdery beeswax. The combination of these three notes is mesmerizing and its narcotic effect continues through the heart of Leucò right through to the final wafts. In the long dry-down through the base the fragrance becomes warmer, deeper and burnt-sugar smoky from benzoin and incense, spicy from black pepper, but still lush from the honeyed white floral. This is one gorgeous tuberose!

There is pure magic in bees, in all the bounty and beauty that flows from their busyness. Maria Candida Gentile has captured that magic in a bottle named Leucò.


Notes: Honey, beeswax, cistus labdanum, Lily accord, tuberose Absolue, Siam Benzoin, Pepper, Beewswax.

Type: EdP

Parfumeur: Maria Candida Gentile







Price: $5.00