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Lipstick Rose smells glamorous. One of the original scents in the Frederic Malle line launched in 2000, I only discovered its charms in the past year. Created by Ralf Schwieger (Hermes Eau de Merveille, Iris Nazarena for Aedes des Venustus, Barney’s L’Wren Scott, plus many others), and inspired by his childhood memory of the smell of his mother’s lipstick when she kissed him goodnight, Lipstick Rose is, according to the Malle website,  “A vision of glamorized femininity, in technicolor. A perfume that smiles at you, like a dash of lipstick…”
Violet and grapefruit jump out of the bottle hand-in-hand in an unusual tart powdery accord, which soon gives way to the luscious rose, not spicy but at first metallic, then full and rich and sweetened ever so slightly with raspberry. There’s a waxy, almost synthetic sensation like old-fashioned lipstick. As it dries down the sweet is tempered by salty earthy vetiver, the synthetic edge disappears, and the red rose floral deepens with vanilla and warm amber so that it glows on the skin, and then musk adds sexy to the mix. 
At the beginning, Lipstick Rose definitely has a powdery waxy retro vibe which is intentional, because it’s about the idea of  vintage cosmetics.  But it soon transforms into a very modern scent, and in the end is about much more than the smell of old lipstick, and all the images that conjures up. Neither a shrinking violet, nor a thorny rose, it turns out to be a rich and delicious floral scent for a self-assured woman who feels good in her own skin, and isn’t afraid to make a statement with a larger than life fragrance.
With fabulous sillage that’s more glamour-chic than flirty-flirty, Lipstick Rose is like a big kiss, an exuberant smooch, after champagne and great conversation. Who wouldn’t like that?
Notes: rose, violet, musk, vanilla, vetiver, amber and grapefruit.
Type: EdP
Parfumeur: Ralf Schwieger

Price: $6.00