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Lonesome Rider – Stands out from the crowd - June 17, 2016

Image - Tauer perfumes blog

I’ve been waiting patiently for Lonesome Rider and it's finally arrived from L.A., personally delivered by a loving sister-in-law.  The newest from Tauer Perfumes, and inspired by two of his earlier fragrances - Lonestar Memories which Gwen has written about, and Orris which is a limited edition from 2008 which I’ve never smelled - the concept of Lonesome Rider was introduced by Andy Tauer on his blog:

“...Orris followed my Lonestar Memories scent that captures elements of untrimmed leather, campfire and the scent of wild pastures. A smoky leather note is what I wanted to see in Lonesome Rider, too. To me, this feels like going back to the source. I want the Lonesome Rider to stand out of the crowd. Thus, there’s an element of rough texture that I love so much. The smoke note is civilized, the leather warm and feels like a worn leather jacket.”

His website describes the new scent as a “fresh take on iris. Unique. [with] a rich citrus chord (with prominent grapefruit and bergamot) balancing pepper and clove notes, a hint of rose, luxurious iris root, gentle leather and a dash of castoreum. Vetiver, ambergris, sandalwood add softness and elegance.”

How would this Lonesome Rider compare with his ode to birchtar, the unforgettable smoked leather of Lonestar Memories? Would I love it as much as the transcendent smoky incense of L’air du desert marocain, still my most favourite of Andy Tauer’s creations? How will he make it stand out from the crowd? There’s only one way to find out. I spritz on each arm, and wait, then sniff.

The opening accord of Lonesome Rider is absolutely a rich citrus chord, but is so much more than Andy’s simple description. There is the distinct grapefruit note and the lemony-lime of bergamot but this is not juicy tart citrus, this feels intensely aromatic and dry from the pepper and clove, so that it catches the back of my throat. I see citrus peel collapsing in the hot desert sun. A whiff of charred wood from a campfire increases the arid sensation.

Citrus is soon joined by a gentle spiced rose note which moves Lonesome Rider into a more floral accord and sets the stage for iris to make its entrance. Iris, dry iris with a buttery earthiness, floats up in a cloud of smoky incense. There it is, the Tauer signature. Now I’m in familiar territory, and I can relax and settle into the pleasure of experiencing the beauty of  Lonesome Rider.

And it IS beautiful, because the next stage is the iris with the leather, a worn soft supple leather scented with florals and grasses, iris and rose and vetiver, layered with the sweet woody scent of sandalwood and smoky incense.  The effect is mesmerizing, and becomes moreso with the animalic undercurrent from castoreum and ambergris which add a richness and elegance to the long dry-down. It’s a leather note that both men and women will love, for different reasons.

Like L’air du desert marocain, Lonesome Rider is a “memory scent”, the kind of scent which evokes images and feelings that, with every sniff, lead to a contemplative, meditative, almost spiritual state. This Lonesome Rider has a story which started with the description on Andy’s website of Lonestar Memories. Andy refers to: …”the scent of a lonesome rider, wearing old jeans and leather jacket, after a long day on the horse in the dry woods, preparing his coffee on the open, smoky fire.”

But a decade has gone by since Lonestar Memories was launched, and this Lonesome Rider has left the trail for a different life. There may be less smoke but the inner fire still glows, he’s still true to himself, and like his leather jacket he’s been mellowed and softened by life’s experiences. Maybe he’s even less lonesome.

Gwen and I have written about the genius of Andy Tauer many times. He is an artist who creates beautiful scents, not always pretty, but always unique and powerful. I’d rank Lonesome Rider in his top three. It’s a beauty that definitely stands out from the crowd.

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