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Lonestar Memories – Stirring up the dust - October 13th, 2010 - A small fire in a backyard pit by John Sullivan

On his web site Andy says that Lonestar Memories is: “An ode on birch tar: True and unique, rich and lasting. The scent of a lonesome rider, wearing old jeans and leather jacket, after a long day on the horse in the dry woods, preparing his coffee on the open, smoky fire.”
Kay and I have both written about the genius of Andy Tauer on other blog posts on this site, but what it comes down to time and again is that Andy Tauer creates beautiful scents, not always ‘pretty’ ones with mass market appeal, but beautiful ones and Lonestar Memories is a knockout.
Lonestar Memories starts with a surprise: a camphor/medicinal note that I love and that to me smells like liniment. What stops it from being too cold and medicinal are the organic dimensions that geranium and sage give it and a woodiness from cedar wood. Very soon a smoky/leathery accord appears – the smell of a campfire, of worn leather gloves and, I suppose, saddles. This is a rich well-rounded smokiness with any harshness tempered by the geranium and sage. Jasmine adds an animalic note that just makes that smoky/leather accord perfect – outdoorsy, but not wild. The base has a gorgeous earthiness from myrhh and vetiver along with a slight sweetness from tonka. Sandalwood smoothes out any sharpness, so that the dry down is luxurious and full, never hard or flat.
Now this is really stirring up some memories for me…
I am four years old. I have just started school. It is a crisp, cool autumn Sunday. We are cleaning up the yard. My father is snapping twigs over his knee and I am is helper - raking leaves into a pile. When we are ready, he starts to build a fire. Laying wood and kindling just so. Some lighter fluid and a match and then fingers of flame reach up and smoke curls reach higher. We laugh and shout and hoot, stoking the fire with the dry leaves, making the flames go higher and higher. After a while the leaves are gone, the flames die down and the excitement ebbs. He scoops me up into his arms and puts my head on his shoulder and we watch the quiet fire together. Close up I can smell the day on my father’s flannel shirt – sweat, wood and leaves, earth, smoke and whiffs of lighter fluid on the leather work gloves he’s wearing. Sweet memories prompted by design, by Andy Tauer.
Lonestar Memories is a haunting, beautiful, unique fragrance that smells great on men and women – that’s what you get in the bottle, memories are optional.

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