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A Long Weekend....Summer starts - May 17, 2013

Photo - - Summer smells GOOD!

We're taking a break to enjoy our national holiday, Victoria Day, also known as May 24th weekend, which honours Queen Victoria's birthday.

Traditionally, in Eastern Canada anyway, this celebration marks the official start of summer, and it's the holiday weekend when we start living outdoors - planting annuals, filling patio pots, tuning up bikes, barbecuing, relaxing on decks. Our street will be buzzing as lawns get trimmed and we catch up with our neighbours over the back fence. I bet we'll pop a few beer caps, too - it's part of the tradition. And on Monday night we'll watch the fireworks on the Toronto waterfront, the first of the summer season. Ahhh, summer!

We'll be back on Wednesday, May 22, 2013, with Nose-to-Nose.