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Launched in 2005, Miss Me is the first fragrance from fashion house Stella Cadente. In a short time, this hard-to-find frag has become a cult favourite. Once you smell it you’ll know why. Miss Me is built around rose and balsams. It opens softly with orange blossom paired with vanilla/cinnamon scented Tolu balsam. As it blooms, peony and a rich opulent rose note seem to wrap themselves around sweet vanilla-scented Peru balsam. This is just a gorgeous place for your nose to linger. At the base, there’s Siamese benzoin, smelling of vanilla ice-cream along with floral silkwood blossom all of it smoothed out by musk.
The drydown is powdery and rosy with an exotic sweetness that never gets cloying, but smells sensuous and rich. Miss Me has moved from my ‘Must Try’ list to my Top Fall Faves list.
Notes: orange blossom, Tolu balsam, Peru balsam, peony, rose, Siamese benzoin, silkwood blossom and musk.
Type: EdP
Parfumeur: Annick Ménardo

Price: $5.00