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Miss Me – I love a hidden gem – October 29, 2012 New Fragrance Listing

 Stella Cadente Store in Paris - Courtesy of DeZeen magazine

My favourite blogs to read are the ones where bloggers list their Top Ten seasonal faves. You know the ones I mean – My Top Ten Scents for Fall – that kind of thing. It’s always fun to see how your faves match up and to play a game of “got it, want it, never want it, must buy a decant, etc.” And, of course, I love to come across a frag I haven’t heard of – a hidden gem that only a few know about.

I was scouring the blogs a while ago when I found this on Grain de Musc: Miss Me by Annick Ménardo for Stella Cadente: Hard to get since Clarins terminated its licensing agreement with the designer Stanislassia Klein, this Menardo gem is a powerfully powdery oriental built around rose and balsams that must have one of the pioneers (in 2005) of the now-ubiquitous cosmetic scents. Still so well-loved in France fans will traipse to the Stella Cadente shop, or even the showroom, to nab a bottle, Miss Me will soon be sold on the brand’s website (it is available on Amazon).

Hmmm – Ménardo, rose, balsams, hard-to-find. That was all it took to put this frag at the top of my ‘Must Try List’ when I was in Paris.

And that’s how I found myself at the Stella Cadente store on rue Beaumarchais.

Stella Cadente, which means ‘shooting star’ in Italian, is the name of fashion designer Stanislassia Klein’s house. She started out designing jewellery and founded the Stella Cadente fashion and accessories brand in 1995. In 2005 she launched her first perfume called ‘Miss Me’.

In March 2012, Klein opened a Stella Cadente shop at 102 Boulevard Beaumarchais, just across the street from one of my favourite haunts, Merci. The design of the shop is quit striking – the interior walls are cylindrical and entirely covered in gold leaf. It feels like being in a gold tunnel. But I wasn’t there for the scenery, I was there for the juice.

As advertised in Grain de Musc, Miss Me is built around rose and balsams. Miss Me opens softly with orange blossom paired with vanilla/cinnamon scented Tolu balsam. As it blooms, peony and a rich opulent rose note seem to wrap themselves around sweet vanilla-scented Peru balsam. This is just a gorgeous place for your nose to linger. At the base, there’s siam benzoin, smelling of vanilla ice-cream along with floral silkwood blossom all of it smoothed out with musk.

The drydown is powdery and rosy with an exotic sweetness that never gets cloying, but smells sensuous and rich.

Miss Me has moved from my ‘Must Try’ list to my Top Fall Faves list.

Today, we’re adding Miss Me to our decant listing. Decants are $5.00.