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Part of L’Artisan’s Mon Numéro collection, Mon Numéro 10 is a rich opulent oriental that will transport you to new places. The Mon Numéro collection which was originally launched in 2009 as an exclusive to purchasers – meaning you could buy a ‘number’ and that perfume would always be yours and no one else could ever have it – has been reintroduced, but with a different twist. There are now eight fragrances and each one will be exclusive to a retailer in a specific city. For example, Mon Numéro 10 will be sold by Barneys New York. Of course, all eight will be available through L’Artisan.

Quick quiz question #1: if there are only eight fragrances, how come there’s a Mon Numéro 10?

Answer: Someone bought number two the first time round, so they can’t use it in this collection. And, there isn’t a number five either as Chanel No. 5 has first dibs on that, so just eight frags numbered one to ten with numbers two and five omitted.

Quick quiz question #2: Why did I buy Mon Numéro 10 after trying it once?

Answer: Cause you just know.

It opens with a bergamot and an herbal, spicy fennel/cardamom combo that is so unique, you perk right up. Pink pepper and cinnamon add warmth and more spiciness, setting the stage for the middle notes of leather and incense. These are tempered by floral notes of luscious rose, earthy geranium and white jasmine. More leather appears at the base, along with musk, vanilla, accentuated by Tonka been and animalic ambergris.

This well balanced oriental scent – never too sweet, too floral or too heavy – is a perfect 10!

Notes: bergamot, fennel, cardamom, pink pepper, cinnamon leather, incense, rose essence, geranium, jasmine, musks, vanilla, Tonka bean, ambergris

Type: EDP

Parfumeur: Bertrand Duchaufour

Price: $5.00