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Monoscent G – Is this a joke? – October 30, 2015

Image - Monoscent G bottle and packaging, from brand website

Who? Why? What? Where? Tell me, what’s new!

I always want to know, to discover, to experience new things. My mother labeled that cute little wispy-haired mini-me in my childhood photos as her “most curious child” - whether a compliment or criticism, I’ve never really determined.  Most likely what she remembered from those years was her exhaustion from the endless questions, or her sprints to save me as I raced hell-bent toward some distant and dangerous target. I have a couple of scars on my forehead that bear witness to my insatiable need to check things out.

So I’m a curious type of person, always up for the new or different, and this curiosity made me order Monoscent G from Luckyscent a couple of weeks ago. I’d read about this non-fragrance when it was launched earlier this year by What We Do Is Secret, the New York based creative studio also known as The Shaping Room which is responsible for the cult fragrances of S-Perfume and A Lab On Fire  - click here to read our story about their first avant-garde scent, L’Anonyme, listed in our Decant Store. Mostly, I was intrigued by the idea of a fragrance that was composed of a single ingredient, plus alcohol, that you could maybe smell, or not smell, depending on your ability of your nose-brain to detect the notoriously elusive musk note. According to the brand, 29% of the population cannot smell this chemical note.

The single special ingredient in Monoscent G is Galixolide Super, which is a souped-up version of the aromachemical Galixolide, a synthetic note which was created in the 1960’s by IFF. Galixolide smells light, clean, and musky. It’s also fairly cheap, so it’s become a basic ingredient used in most modern perfumes, as well as in  commercial soaps, cleaning materials, cosmetic, hair, and skin products. It just makes these products smell better. Galixolide Super smells light, clean, and musky, too, but adds a soft floral sensual powdery dimension to the original note.

The EdP Monoscent G is 20% Galixolide Super and 80% denatured alcohol. The first spritz on my wrist smells like alcohol, like vodka poured over a sugar cube. Two minutes later it smells the same, ten minutes later it smells like…nothing. Fifteen minutes later, it’s faintly musky, with that subtle animalic sex scent. After twenty minutes, it’s…gone. After thirty minutes, Monoscent G comes back, slightly floral and sweet with sensual musky overtones. An hour later, I can’t smell A THING. Is this a joke?

Two hours later my husband says “I like that perfume you’re wearing”. I say “Really?  You can smell it? I like it, too, but it’s not a perfume. It’s a perfume note.” He says “Whatever. I like it”. I spritz again on my neck and shoulders before going to bed, and just for good measure, I give my husband a shot on the back of his neck. I wake up seven hours later to the tantalizing scent of warm sexy skin. Who’s in our bed? Oh, it’s just us…and Monoscent G.

Monoscent G is not a joke, but I also wouldn’t call it a perfume. It’s a smell that we all recognize, if we’re fortunate to be able to smell it with our conscious brain, and even if we can’t it likely affects us on a subconscious level.  I can smell Monoscent G, although intermittently, and I really like it’s message.

Will I wear it on its own, as a fragrance? Probably yes - when the moment seems right, because it’s not just about me smelling it, but more about other people smelling me. I’ve also discovered that this Monoscent G adds a sensual depth to other scents, especially soft florals or woods, when layered and used as a base, so I can see that my little brown glass bottle of Monoscent G that looks like it belongs in a chemistry lab, will keep it’s shine from frequent use.

I think I lucked out, I’m in the 71% of musk detectors. I can smell the faint sexy musk note in Monoscent G. Even my husband can smell it. I wonder if you’ll be lucky?

Monoscent G is listed in our Decant Store. Decants are $4.00 for 1 ml.