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Musc Eau de Parfum – An earthy spicy come-hither musk

Bruno Acampora is not a perfume brand that immediately leaps to mind for most perfume lovers, but if you crave unusually beautiful high-quality hand-made fragrances that will set you apart from the crowd, then read on. 

I’ve admired the Bruno Acampori line since I first encountered it on Luckyscent a few years ago. It’s image is so definitively Italian, old-school and ultra-modern at the same time. Small sleek phials for the perfume oils with traditional cork stoppers sealed with pink wax, labeled in different jewel tones. Polished aluminum spray bottles for the extrait and eau de parfums. And the small oil phials are packaged in large round aluminum tins machine stamped with the star logo, instead of a traditional box. Cool and classy.

Based in Naples, Italy, and established in 1974 by founder Bruno Acampora, Acampora Profumi is still a family-run independent perfume brand which creates, formulates, develops and produces artisanal fragrances of the highest quality, offered in perfume oil, parfum extrait and eau de parfum concentrations. After sampling a few of them, I can tell you that Bruno Acampora’s fragrances combine the best of traditional and contemporary sensibilities. They are fragrances that are truly elegant, and which have a sparkle and a seductive quality that makes them irresistible, and oh-so Italian.

The first scent introduced in 1974 was Musc perfume oil. It was re-launched in 2012 in the EdP and extrait format, and is described on the website as “A siren song that blooms in your own heat. Musc is seduction.” It’s the fragrance that initially drew me to the brand, and the one I purchased, an easy and predictable choice because I adore the musk note. 

Musc Eau de Bruno EdP opens with a vivid rush of earthy musk, dense and velvety, with a primal vegetal mushroom-y scent, I think of the waft when slicing a perfect shiitake. The cool mushroom accord becomes greener and more forest-y with the addition of green violet and lavender and soon creates a spicy peppery sensation as notes of clove and rose float into the mix. This is where Musc Eau de Bruno EdP begins to seduce me, I’m not a die-hard mushroom lover but suddenly I love these spicy mushrooms. There is a mystery and a strange complexity developing and I feel myself falling in love. 

The back of the EdP box states: “The intense pure resins are muted with subtle hints of sweet tenderness. Color: Gold.” And that’s exactly what I start to experience as the Musc EdP heart develops: the spicy rose deepens and joins with a gentle white jasmine to form a floral waft, coloured with vanilla and amber. The heart takes on a golden glow, floating on the earthy musk accord, releasing a sensation of powdery sweetness, but a subdued sweetness, like the scent of warm salty perfumed skin. 

As Musc EdP dries down into the base, the musky accord becomes even more intimate as patchouli and creamy sandalwood add a layer of woody warmth. After a few hours Musc EdP has morphed into a sultry skin scent, with an hypnotic tantalizing waft that conjures leisurely nuzzling under the warmth of a goose-down duvet.  

Bruno Acampora Musc EdP smells beautiful. Dank, earthy, spicy, floral, sweet, golden, warm, woody, it’s not a fragrance that is experienced as notes but as sensations. It’s not a clean aldehydic musk, or a skanky animalic musk. It’s not a floral musk or a sweet musk, a light musk or a heavy musk. 

The allure of Musc EdP is in its subtlety. It does not announce your presence, but beckons others to come close. It’s a deeply intimate musk that really does bloom in the heat of your skin, and stays close, a come-hither musk which is equally powerful on a man or woman. 

Bruno Acampora says that their Musc is…”heralded as the best musk from here to Shanghai…” . Luckyscent says that Bruno Acampora Musc EdP is  “…a forever-love…a truly superlative musk scent…”. Other blogs, perfume reviews, and customer reviews echo these opinions. I’m adding my voice to the chorus of love.

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