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Néonatura Cocoon - SOLD OUT


Neonatura is out of production by Yves Rocher, and unvailable from we can't re-stock. Such a shame!
Yves Rocher has a well-deserved reputation for affordable lovely perfume so off I went to Monsieur Rocher’s nice bright Eaton Centre store in downtown Toronto to see for myself. One of the frags I fell in love with was Néonatura Cocoon.
The opening of Néonatura Cocoon is patchouli, green and vegetal, a mixture of pine needles and mushrooms, which soon transforms into a more recognizable patchouli note, more woody but still green and unsweet. Next is cocoa, dry, aromatic, powdery, not in the least like sweetened chocolate, with a hint of dark bitterness that gives the scent some edge. And finally dark vanilla, with a restrained sweetness that fills Néonatura Cocoon with luscious depth and roundness.
Néonatura Cocoon is not a complex scent. If I smelled Néonatura Cocoon in a blind test, I’d correctly identify it as a well-made perfume, but I’d be dead wrong if I put a big price on it. It isn’t an expensive scent from a niche brand, but it absolutely smells like one.
Notes: Patchouli, cocoa, vanilla
Type: EdP
Parfumeur: Unknown

Price: $4.00