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Ninfeo Mio

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Annick Goutal was born in 1946. A gifted and talented pianist, she spent her early life performing around Europe. Then she changed careers. After studying perfumery in Grasse she opened her first shop in 1977 in Paris, on the Left Bank. Since her death in 1999, her daughter Camille, and perfumer Isabelle Doyen, have been creating fragrances for the line.
One of my creations of theirs is Ninfeo Mio is a real swooner. This fragrance was inspired by the idea of the mythical Garden of the Hesperides – Hera’s orchard in the far west, which the nymphs tended. The inspiration was given life by a visit to Il Giardino di Ninfa – the real medieval river garden just south of Rome.
Ninfeo Mio starts with a citrus blast from Italian lemons and bitter orange, combined with a warm peppery note. Yes, we are in Italy! As these quiet down a green note appears, which smells like urine to me, probably from galbanum. Then, fig softens the green and sweetens the lemon, while giving it a creaminess.
Delightful, but what makes Ninfeo Mio really swoon-worthy is the drydown - lavender and woody/grassy lentisque envelop the citrus, and set it down on a bed of soft musk and satinwood.
Ninfeo Mio is a walk in a garden, an Italian garden - citrus, figs, wood and grass. Delicate, divine and definitely FBW.
Notes: Italian lemon, galbanum, fig, lavender, musk, satinwood
Type: Eau de Toilette
Parfumeurs: Camille Goutal and Isabelle Doyen

Price: $5.00