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Nose-to-Nose – 10 Fave Frags for July 2013 - June 26, 2013

Photo - Wikipedia - Bathing Beauties, Muskoka, Ontario, c.1909

Kay:    OK, OK – I got it. My “Faves List”, I got  it right here! Look…took me all of five minutes. Plus a glass of cold Pinot.

Gwen:  That’s a record! Your normal list-making usually takes an entire bottle of Pinot…and about 47 different spritzes. I get inspired just watching you! But, why so quick with the list this month?

Kay:    Because I know exactly how I’m going to spend my July week-at-the-cottage…sitting in my comfy lounge chair at the edge of the water under a huge shade tree, drinking endless frosty lemon drinks, slathering myself in sun lotion and snoozing on the dock, diving in the water for a cool silky dip, dining al fresco and watching the moon rise with my dear sweet husband…..and I’m gonna do that every day until it’s time to go home.

Gwen:  No cooking? No cleaning? No chores?

Kay:      I’ll be far too busy relaxing. And spritzing….because I know exactly which frags will make me feel like a queen, as well as make my week of hard-earned irresponsibility smell totally awesome! Here goes:

COOL GREEN SHADE – Guerlain Vetiver, the iconic Guerlain scent, seamless nuanced accords of green, flashes of bright citrus and spice, wafts of green mossiness, a flicker of dark sweet tobacco. Vetiver unfolds with a soft and refined sillage, the feeling is calm and serene. It's my go-to for cool!

DRINK OF CHOICE - Monsieur Balmain on a hot day is like a big gulp of gin and tonic – tart, energizing, and an invitation to a good time. It’s a straight-up scent, and ALL about the lemon. It is, in fact, one of the few citrus I’ve found that keeps the notoriously fragile lemon note in place for more than two or three hours.

SUNBATHING ON THE DOCK  - Ipanema Posto Nove. Isabelle Michaud’s  inspired floral coconut accord with the twisted green violet edge that is the scent of tanned skin on the beach. The perfect bikini scent, pure femme – quietly alluring and seductive. A star in the heat!

COOL DIP – L’Eau Froide. It doesn’t smell like water, or ice, it doesn’t smell clean, or aquatic. It smells pure. And cold. Like cold incense. It’s extraordinary, and so very different. Serge Lutens most certainly broke with his past with this scent. I can’t wait to wear L’Eau Froide in July.

MOON RISE  - Une Voix Noire. Another Lutens, his homage to Billie Holiday, which starts with a tantalizing white gardenia. The only notes listed are gardenia, rum and tobacco but there is so much, more going on in Une Voix Noire. It unwinds slowly telling a story that seduces with its exotic charms. The beautiful intoxicating gardenia is the metaphor for Lady Day’s life. It's a scent for the night.

Gwen: You’ll be living like a queen! I see where you’re going with this, BFF...I love this theme! OK, here are my week-at-the-cottage picks:

LIVING LIKE A QUEEN - Acqua di Colonia. Created for Catherine de Medici’s wedding to Henry ll, Acqua di Colonia gets a fresh start from lemon and bergamot.  White floral notes, along with a hint of rose, spicy notes at the’s a beautiful combination of freshness and warmth. Perfect for hot summer’s day.

SUNBATHING ON THE DOCK – Songes. The first thing I always experience when I spritz Songes on my skin is the smell of a tropical summer from the frangipani, tiare and Sambac jasmine. It wears rich, warm, sultry and at the same time, tender, delicate and feminine. It is the smell of summer dreams on your skin.

DRINK OF CHOICE – Juniper Sling. Gin is the choice of drink for me in the summer, which makes Juniper a go-to. The fresh juniper berry off the top pumped up with a little orange brandy is intoxicating. JS is  peppery, herbal, earthy and velvety smooth. The base has a piney, resinous character that is perfect for hot days at the cottage.

BONFIRES ON THE BEACH – Lonestar Memories . Nights at the cottage always include bonfires on the beach and that means Lonestar Memories. It opens with a camphor/medicinal note before settling into a fabulous smoky, leathery accord – the smell of a campfire. Jasmine rounds out any harshness, and the dry-down with myrhh and tonka is luxurious and full.

MOON RISE – Dans tes Bras . My favouite summer smell anywhere - when you are up close to someone and your nose brushes their cheek and neck and you smell their day on their skin – bit of sweat, bit of fragrance, and bit of the sun. That moment of entre nous, is what Dans tes Bras captures so beautifully.

Kay:    I love all of your picks! Kinda romantic. But I think these ten frags are just too fabulous to wear only at the cottage…

Gwen: We’ll wear them all month, for sure – our July Faves.

Kay:     By the way, on a less appealing topic - have you bought a new swimsuit yet?

Gwen:  Nope. Got at least four or five – a swimsuit is all I wear at the cottage. Well, that... and perfume.

Kay:      Of course. Always perfume.

Click on the links and try some of our 10 Fave Frags for July. If you don’t feel quite like a queen, at least you’ll smell good.