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Nose-to-Nose – 10 Faves for September, 2013

Gwen: You know, Kay, I was looking through our Decant Store listings and realized that you have some amazing scents listed there.

Kay: This is nuts - I was just thinking the same thing about some of your fragrance listings. Does this mean we're smart or know the saying..."great minds think alike..."

Gwen: ..."and fools seldom differ"...Well, we're definitely not fools, so we must have great minds. We have our personal likes and dislikes, but I have to say, you've got some frags I've been dying to try. When I look at the blogs you’ve written, I always have a few "Oh, I forgot she had this, I've been wanting to try that..." moments.

Kay: I know what you mean. I've had a few "OMG she has this, why didn't I know this..." moments myself. It's fun to read old posts, and go through each other's collections.

Gwen: It's like going through your sister's closet, and finding some fabulous unexpected treasures. 

Kay: Yeah, it's kind of revealing, isn't it? So, if you were to choose a fragrance of mine to wear, what one would it be?
Gwen: One?
Kay: Well, start with one…
Gwen: One that I would wear right now would be Odin 09 Posala. That fruit at the opening with a burst of sharp white jasmine draws me right in. Then there’s that  boozy floral heart, with tobacco leaf and benzoin for an earthy smokiness at the drydown. So warm and sexy, I want to wear it when I’m naked and alone.
Kay: You wouldn’t be the first one. You know what frag of yours I am desperate to wear? Papyrus de Ciane from Parfumerie Generale.
Gwen: That is a beauty.
Kay: The citrusy and green opening folllowed by lavender, with a heart of leathery labdanum, smoky incense, and clove. And that Mousse de Saxe at the base gives it a gorgeous licorice/leather accord that is just heart-stoppingly beautiful. Then the vetiver and musk accord makes it woody and soft….I think I need a glass of water and a place to lie down…
Gwen: Oh, oh,oh, I really want to wear Gilded Lily by Ineke. That tangy citrus opening balanced by rhubarb and elemi, the heart of lily is soft and non-indolic, perfectly framed by the gourmand notes, and the warm woody base notes – oakmoss, patchouli, and labdanum.  Oh, I just got shivers down my spine.
Kay: I have been wanting to wear 18 Place des Vosges from Christian Louis since you brought it back from Paris. Remember when we sat in Place des Vosges and watched the little kids play on swings – the perfume brings the beauty and charm of that moment right back to me.  The iris, bergamot and lavender floral accord mixed with the tobacco note from coumarin smells exactly like the air in that historic square that Spring afternoon. It’s a soft gorgeous sophisticated scent, perfect for reverie.
And I want M/Mink from Byredo. It’s opening that is like no other – fresh, salty, slightly floral, and sharp from aldehydes, then waxy, then sweet into the heart, then piney and dark with bits of patchouli in the base. Unrefined, raw, cold and warm at the same time. Sure impresses me, and you know I love weird and different.  Amazing.
Gwen:  I have to wear your Still Life from Olfactive Studio. You know I love citrus, and the top of this scent with its Japanese yuzu, mandarin orange and grapefruit  accord followed by the pops of pink and black pepper notes is so bitter-tart, juicy and nose-tingling. And the base is woody and citrusy…it’s so bright, sparkly and anything but still. It's indescribable.
Kay: I think you just did…
Gwen: Did what?
Kay: Describe it – and very well, too.
Gwen: And I want to try La Vaniglia from BOIS 1920– the way you describe that opening is just delicious! Bergamot, mandarin  and mint with black pepper – citrusy, minty, creamy and HOT. Then frankincense and ginger mixed with patchouli make it voluptuous, then dark smoky boozy vanilla and rum make it downright mysterious and seductive as at dries down. I won’t be able to stop smelling myself!
Kay: You know I love James Heeley’s fragrances and I’ve never worn Sel Marin, one of your favourites from his line. I want to experience that salty/green/woody gem. I know it starts with a waft of sea air, then smells like damp shaded woods beside the ocean – bergamot, sea salt, vetiver, birch, cedar are notes that are bound to end up, and I quote, as a “cool, calm, contemplative siren of a scent” in the hands of James Heeley.
Gwen: Did I write that?
Kay: You did.
Gwen: That phrase describes that scent perfectly. Hey, I’ve got one more of yours I’ve been waiting to try – Uomo by Lorenzo Villoresi. There’s a juicy citrus-lemon opening, which becomes rich from spices and herbs as it dries down, and the heart has one of my fave notes – juniper – which builds a bridge to the green mossy woody drydown. Vetiver, oakmoss, cedar…mmmm. You say Uomo is one of those scents that feeds the senses, makes you feel good, lifts the spirit, gives confidence – you know, the kind of scent that you use until the bottle is empty.
Kay: Yup, there’s not many like Uomo – my husband and I fight over it. And I have one more from yours – Glam Rose, the rose/violet scent from Rose de Rosine. You said it made you feel like butterflies would fly out of my mouth – I want to see if it does that to me, too. Glam Rose starts with sweet ambrette seed and green blackburrent leaves, then becomes spicy from peppercorn, and roses – several kinds of roses, especially one with a violet facet that lends a leafy greenness through the drydown. It becomes softly woody and leathery at the end but remains light and diaphanous, never too sweet.
Gwen: You know, since we love these frags, we should start sharing and wearing.
Kay: We’ve chosen ten of them - they could be our 10 Faves for September.
Gwen: Brilliant! I love when it all works out…I can’t wait till September.
Kay: Let’s not. Go for it, BFF. Who goes first?
Click on the names of our 10 Faves to read more about each fragrance.