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Nose-to-Nose – Celebrities Smell Good – Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Photo - Wikipedia - Starlet at Cannes Film Festival - EricD 1979

Gwen: Esther won’t be nosing around for us for the next few weeks – she’s off gallivanting somewhere.

Kay:    Lucky Esther – I love gallivanting. I’m going to miss her posts.

Gwen: But she’ll be back in the middle of July.

Kay:     So it’s up to us to nose around until then. What do you want to talk about?

Gwen: Celebrities.

Kay:    Celebrities? You mean our Celebrity Mixer Pack  with the Tilda Swinton and the Steven Jones frags?

Gwen: Yeah, that one – a lot of people liked it. I found a great website called  which lists celebrities and the frags they wear.

Kay:     Really? How do you know it’s real?

Gwen:  Apparently the person who created the site surfs the web and print media to find these little tidbits of important information, that we’re all dying to know….

Kay:     Like what does Hugh Jackman wear?

Gwen:  L’Artisan Timbuktu, and Brad Pitt wears Lorenzo Villoresi  Musk–

Kay:     Hey, we list Timbuktu, but our listing for Lorenzo Villoresi is Uomo. I think Brad Pitt should wear Lorenzo Villoresi's Uomo - it suits his persona better!  OK, here I am on the website…Angelina Jolie wears Bulgari Black.

Gwen: Check, we have it…Penelope Cruz wears Méchant Loup…check

Kay:    Sophia Vergera wears Elixir de Merveilles….check, I wrote about it…

Gwen:    Paul McCartney wears Guerlain Vetiver, and so does Mick Jagger and Andy Garcia and Elle MacPherson, and Jodi Foster and a lot of others – seems like men and women love it equally. You wrote about that one, too, and we list it.

Kay:    Elle MacPherson also wears your fave, Passage d'Enfer …..check … Jennifer Aniston wears Dzongkha , and Cate Blanchett wears Aromatics Elixir – double check!

Gwen:  Queen Elizabeth wears L’Heure Bleue  …check,  Tom Cruise wears Eau du Sud …check, Eric the Vampire wears Ulysses by Vicky Tiel….check...uncheck, I was just kidding. Eric the Vampire isn't listed. But I do own a bottle of Ulysses...maybe one day soon I'll write about it.

Kay:     Hey, this is fun. Celebrities know the good frags!

Gwen:  Well, celebs aren’t just a pretty face! Although, there was one celebrity whose frag-of-choice is a little startling, but now that I think of who it is...

Kay:     What’s the frag? Maybe I can guess the celeb!

Gwen:  Barbie – the frag is called Barbie.

Kay:     You're kidding...I have no idea who would ever wear a perfume called Barbie. And we sure don’t list it.

Gwen:  Well, then, I guess you're just going to have to go to to find out.

Kay:     Really?

Gwen:  I hate spoilers…

Kay:     Me too…..but Barbie!.....really???

Gwen:  Really.