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Nose-to-Nose – Celebrity Fumes - May 2, 2012

Photo - Wikipedia - Taylor and Burton, publicity still from Cleopatra

Kay:  Did you see where Prince was ordered recently to pay $3.95 million in damages to a perfume maker?

Gwen: No – why?

Kay: For not promoting the perfume they’d developed for him. Prince had this innovative idea to create a perfume for his “3121” album release in 2006, and made a deal through Universal Music Publishing with Revelations Perfume and Cosmetics, for a 50% split of the profits. But then he refused to let them put his name on the bottle, or the packaging, or to do any promotion when it was released…like giving away samples at his concerts, or appearing in ads, or on Oprah. So the “3121” scent never was distributed.

Gwen: Hmmm, sounds like Prince was living up to his princely weirdness!  It’s kinda difficult to sell a celebrity scent - when there’s no celeb!

Kay:  Yeah, it’s important to show up for the party. Look at the celeb scents that have been successful... like Elizabeth Taylor. She was the first, and she started the celebrity perfume party by doing in-store appearances way back in 1987. She made MILLIONS from her “jewel” scents, and her estate continues to benefit from that perfume business. She understood the “glam” factor.

Gwen: And Britney Spears – I read that Britney currently makes more from her perfumes than her music… and Sarah Jessica Parker, and David and Victoria Beckham’s line, and Jennifer Lopez – they’re all in every drugstore I go into. Kim Kardashian – she was everywhere promoting her newest flanker. Gotta give her credit for that! And Madonna – have you smelled her new scent yet? I bet it’s not like a virgin....

Kay: Hah! Very funny...No – I wish I could smell it - I just found out it won’t be launched here until September . But the reviews are good. Madonna’s apparently come up with a white flower tuberose mix – elegant and very grown-up. Which leads me to the question.....

Gwen: Are celeb perfumes any good or not?

Kay: You took the words right out of my mouth.

Gwen: Well, I think some of them are really well-made perfumes! I bought Sarah Jessica Parker’s Lovely – it’s an excellent floral patchouli with a soft musky drydown – and great sillage, BTW. And she really participated in the development in a big way with Coty– I read the Chandler Burr book The Perfect Scent: A Year Inside the Perfume Industry in Paris and New York about how that perfume was created. Quite a story!

Kay: I own Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds – it’s a classic retro-style  chypre, full of soft soapy aldehydes at the top and drying down into a warm floral-woody musk with just a hint of bad girl. It's darned good, and I love the tall bottle with its diamond collar.  But you know, Gwen, the best thing is that, not only do some of these mainstream celeb frags truly smell great, BUT they also are really well-priced, compared to some luxury or niche frags which have celebrity names on them.

Gwen: Good point. Speaking of which, one of my faves in the celeb niche category is the Steven Jones frag by Comme des Garçons.

Kay: Stephen Jones, the famous British hat designer?

Gwen: Right – that Steven Jones, the Mad Hatter! His scent opens with such a shock of intense violet and cold aldehydes – wow – it’s just gorgeous from the start – and then it warms up only a bit with amber. This is my favourite violet frag of all - more like magic or mad science than chemistry. And it WAS expensive – but so worth it!

Kay:  I love frags like that . My fave niche celeb is Tilda Swinton Like This. It was created for Tilda, the real person, not Tilda, the persona, and she played a big role in developing it with the perfumer, Mathilde Bijaoui. It’s spicy, earthy, slightly sweet from rose and musk – it’s haunting, the opposite of edgy, the kind of fragrance that you wear to remind you of home and what has meaning in your life. Quite brilliant, like Tilda.

Gwen: Kay, do you feel a celeb pack coming on?

Kay: I do – I’m hankering for a celeb pack.

Gwen:  Me, too. How about we offer our readers the opportunity to try classic mainstream AND top-notch niche celebrity frags in a pack.....

The  Celebrity Mixer Pack – 4 scents for $18 + shipping! Regular price $21.00


Lovely -  Sarah Jessica Parker  - soft floral, patchouli and musk – soft and sensuous, slightly spicy

White Diamonds – Elizabeth Taylor – white florals  and aldehydes, woods, amber and musk – dries down to soft perfection.

Stephen Jones – Comme des Garçons – violet, aldehydes and amber – a cool smooth violet like no other.

Tilda Swinton Like this – État Libre d’Orange – earthy floral with soft spices - smells of home and quiet meditation.

The Celebrity Mixer Pack is listed in our Decant Store – 4 scents for $18 + shipping! Regular price $21.00.




Celeb frags

Don't forget about Sophia Loren! Coty released "Sophia" in 1981. It's good stuff!

Re: Sophia

 I remember Sophia but I've never smelled it. I'll definitely track it down and give it a sniff, if I can find it!
Cheers, Kay