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Nose-to-Nose – Up close and Personal - Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Gwen:     Did you see this article in The Daily Mail online about how your perfume choice is based on your own body smell?
Kay:     No, what does it say?
Gwen:     Well, and I quote: "Dr Jan Havlicek, a smells expert based at Charles University in Prague, says that perfume is rarely chosen to mask our natural body odour and instead we all chose the fragrance which work best with our own smell."

Kay:     And look, he goes on to say ""In fact, what we have found is there is a strong individual interaction between perfume and body odour. People choose fragrances to complement their own odour." he's saying that we intuitively buy what smells good on us.
Gwen:     It seems so.  I mean, we've known that scents can smell different on different people, depending on what they've eaten, their own body chemistry, the weather...
Kay:     So when people ask us which scent should they buy, or are looking for a "signature scent", they really are the only ones who can answer that question.

Gwen:     Exactly! which proves our FAQ point that they should buy several decant samples and play around to see which ones work best on THEM.

Kay:     Yeah...perfume reviews are really just the starting points for discovery. Hey, did you read down further in this article? Here's another interesting tidbit.....
...Professor Tim Jacob, a smell and taste specialist at Cardiff University,  says "we are attracted to the smell of people who have a different immune system to ourselves... there's a link between our immunotype and our fragrance preference. It seems that you chose the perfume that reflects your immune system.'

Gwen:     Whoa! This is getting way too complicated and technical. We're just talking about perfume here..........

Kay:     But, Gwen, now we have the perfect response to that age-old question: "Why don't you ever wear that perfume I gave you for Christmas?"

Gwen:     You're right - a bona fide scientific reason, a real acceptable “guy” reason. So now we can just ask for the money, and buy what we like.
Kay:     Exactly. We need to keep our immune systems happy!