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Nose-to-Nose – Dreaming about “The Dream Cruise" Pack December 7, 2011

Photo - Wikipedia - Royal Caribbean Crusie Ship MS Majesty of the Sea

anchored off Coco Cay, Bahamas, January 7, 2009 - by UpstateNYer

Gwen: Kay, have you ever been on a cruise?

Kay:     No, not my style. I'm not good with the herd...

Gwen: Me neither, but I'm starting to think a cruise could be kinda fun. Traveling around to different countries with none of the usual airport hassle, while lounging by a pool and having unending canapés and cocktails served to you with a smile.....

Kay:     You got a point. I'm gonna be really, really ready for some personal TLC after this Christmas season is over. All I do in December is serve canapés and cocktails, and cook, and clean, and bake, and shop, and wrap.....

Gwen: Yeah, I love the holidays, too. But we can dream! Its winter here, but it's summer somewhere Australia! I'm dreaming about cruising down to Australia and visiting Sydney. Or maybe South America - I'll stop in Rio and Buenos Aires....

Kay:     Hmmmm- you've got me started now. I'm dreaming about cruising the Greek Islands, Turkey, the Black Sea....I want to get a whiff of exotic herbs, woods and spices in their native lands.

Gwen: We've already got the perfect frags to wear in those countries, just made for hot weather.

Kay:     Name them, BFF .....

Gwen: Well, I’d take Terracotta Voile d'Été. - citrus, coconut, lush white florals mixed with salt air and suntan lotion. It makes me imagine the perfect afternoon on Bondi Beach, watching the surfers and those famous Lifeguards, of course. And I’d take Batucada - lime, mint, florals, rum,mmm! Samba, any one? What're your picks?

Kay:     Cédrat intense - juicy lemon fruit, peppery, wrapped in woods and spices. I see a walk in the hills outside a Greek village on a glorious morning, and Traversée du Bosphore - hints of soft leather and smoky incense, soft almondy sweetness, the breeze blowing across the Bosphorus. Belly dancing, anyone?

Gwen: Well, those frags are certainly pack-worthy! I'd definitely pack them, and on further reflection, how about making them into a Dream Cruise Pack for our readers? Four great destination scents for $14.00 + shipping.

Kay:     A perfect combo of citrus and exotic notes! I'll even buy one, because dreaming is the closest I'm gonna get to a cruise for a while! Now, I gotta go look up some new canapé recipes.....

The "Dream Cruise" Pack" – 4 decants for $14.00 + shipping:

Terracotta Voile d'Été - Guerlain
Batucada – L’Artisan Parfumeurs
Cédrat Intense – Parfums de Nicolaï
Traversée du Bosphore - L’Artisan Parfumeurs