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Nose-to-Nose – How to feel better - November 21, 2012

Photo - Wikipedia - Nurse uniform in 1900

Kay: My back is killing me!

Gwen: Why? What happened? Did you twist the wrong way, .....zig when you should have zagged?

Kay: I definitely zigged - and it hurts!

Gwen: You poor thing - you need some aromatherapy....

Kay: Well, I’m reading about perfume – I’m reading the Perfumeshrine post about the Art of Scent exhibit at the Museum of Arts and Design (MAD) Museum. It finally opened yesterday.

Gwen: I know – I tried to visit it last week when I was in New York but the opening had been delayed because of Hurricane Sandy. I was so disappointed because it sounds fantastic – the first time perfumes and perfumers have been displayed and exhibited as art.

Kay: The gallery that’s been designed for it sounds fantastic, too – the spare white room has twelve curved spaces in the walls, with a hidden scent diffuser, so when you lean into a space a burst of fragrance is triggered which stays in the air for four seconds, without wafting to the next space. So you get to sniff each of the iconic frags at its absolute purest. Ingenious design, don’t you think?

Gwen: Which is one of the reasons I wanted to see the exhibit, apart from the frags. Hey, does the post say which frags are displayed?

Kay: Yup! It says they were chosen by Chandler Burr because they each represent a specific style or era in perfume art, and they’ve been lent to the museum by the’s the list:

1 Jicky – Guerlain - 1889 Romanticism

2 L’Interdit – Givenchy - 1957 Abstract Expressionism

3 Aromatics Elixir – Estee Lauder - 1971 Early American School

4 Drakkar Noir – Drakkar - L’Oreal - 1982 Industrialism

5 Angel – Thierry Mugler - - 1992 Surrealism

6 L’Eau d’Issey – Issey Miyake - - 1992 Minimalism

7 Pleasures – Estee Lauder - 1995 Photo Realism

8 Light Blue – Dolce and Gabbana - 2001 Kinetic Sculpture

9 Prada Amber – Prada - 2004 Neo-Romanticism

10 Osmanthe Yunnan – Hermes - 2006 Luminism

11 (Untitled) - Martin Margiela - 2010 Post-Brutalism

12 Chanel No.5 - Chanel – 1921 - it will be included in the show but not in the catalogue

Kay: There’s a limited edition catalogue you can buy, too, which includes 5 ml. of each of these iconic frags.

Gwen: Well, we won’t need to order the catalogue, that’s for certain. We’ve got most of these MAD frags sitting on our shelves. You still need that aromatherapy for your back, so let’s go sniff’ em right now.

Kay: I feel better just thinking about it. But how about you bring them all here, since the thought of climbing up stairs has me in a cold sweat.

Gwen: No problem – just let me put my nurse’s hat on, and I’ll be right back with your medicine.

Read about the MAD scents that we list here on Here are the links - you can click to the frag listings to purchase decants after reading our fabulously entertaining and informative posts about each one....


Chanel No.5

Maison Martin Margiela (Untitled)

Osmanthe Yunnan

Aromatics Elixir