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Nose-to-Nose – How men can smell great! September, 26, 2012



Gwen: You know, as I walked home from work today, I smelled my first fire.

Kay: What! Did you call 911?

Gwen: No – not a FIRE!! I mean the smoke drifting from someone’s fireplace.

Kay: Really? Already? Well, I guess it’s fireplace weather now.

Gwen: And that means it’s “guy” weather.

Kay: So...guys have their own weather now?

Gwen: You know what I mean. That time of year when guys smell outdoorsy from doing chores around the yard.

Kay: Ahh - Fall. The Fall Clean-up. I have a favourite picture of my Dad in his flannel shirt and jeans, sleeves rolled up, leaning on a rake, smoking a cigarette, tending the fall bonfire. When I was a kid, every house on the street built a bonfire with their leaves, the fall air was always smoky. I loved that smell.

Gwen: Yeah, me too. To me, it means guy weather - their work clothes smell a little sweaty, they smell of leaves and leather, woody and earthy.

Gwen and Kay in unison: They smell great!

Gwen: No more citrusy summer smells...

Kay: Now it’s time for rich woody Fall frags, the ones that are unmistakably, deliciously MALE! Like the fabulous Vive l’Empereur by Christian Louis, leather, woods, and smoke , a tribute to Napoleon, a leather frag for a strong man, a leader, a man of character!

Gwen: Or Lonestar Memories, Andy Tauer’s homage to the American cowboy, the smell of a campfire, of worn leather gloves and saddles, grass and woods. It’s a rugged man in a bottle! And my new favourite – Tabacco from Odori. Tobacco isn’t just a note in this frag. This is a rich, gorgeous bottle of tobacco-topia, resinous, aromatic, woody and fresh. Male perfection.

Kay: Here’s another great scent for a man, which I just love. Along with a five o’clock shadow, it’s a real neck-nuzzler - New Haarlem from Bond No.9. It’s a delicious roasting coffee scent at first, mixed with green grass and cedar, and then dries down into warm woodiness, with coffee and a hint of herbal patchouli. Sexy man smell.

Gwen: This is what men should smell like – manly, because I like it, too!

Kay: You sound just like that old Irish Spring soap commercial where the perky little wife is sniffing her husband after his shower...manly, indeed...but I get your drift. Men should smell like this all the time, they should smell great, just the way we like them to smell!

Gwen: Well, they can, if they buy our “How men can smell great” pack, which it seems we’ve just created!

Kay: We just can’t help ourselves, BFF. We want our men to smell, well...let me see, how can I word this...GREAT!

Today, we’re listing the “How men can smell great” Pack – four fabulous Fall scents for men for $17 + shipping, that men – and women – will love!

“How men can smell great” Pack - $17 + shipping includes:

Lonestar Memories – Tauer Perfumes – smoky cowboy

New Haarlem – Bond No.9 – coffee and woods

Tabacco – Odori - an ode to tobacco

Vive l’Empereur – Christian Louis - a man’s leather