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Nose-to-Nose – The Santa Holiday Gift packs - Wednesday November 23, 2011

Photo - Wikipedia - Edgy Elf ornament


Kay: Gwen, you look VERY perplexed!


Gwen: I'm stumped!  I' m trying to come up with a theme for the Christmas Packs...I've  been noodling around for the past hour and come up with zip, nada, nothing, a big zero!  And we've got to tell our readers all about them today so we can ship in time for stocking  stuffing,  and hostess gifting and well, you know......all that Christmas gift stuff.


Kay: You're right - we've got to ship by December 10 latest to make certain they receive them.  Hmmm, a theme for the Christmas packs.


Gwen: Let's put our Santa hats on and think.....chestnuts roasting over an open fire....


Kay: Jack Frost nipping at your nose...three wise men...Hey, that's it -  three different packs, 4 decants in each pack, one for women, one for men, one for both...let's see.....this should be  simple....


Gwen: Simple! That's it! We have the answer! The theme is right in front of our noses – it’s “Christmas”!


Kay: Well, thank god, now we can relax our brains and stop over-thinking! How about this for the three packs - the Ms. Santa pack, the Mr. Santa pack


Gwen: And the Santa Edgy Elf pack


Kay: The Edgy Elf pack – WTF?


Gwen: Yeah, that's the pack with the off-kilter, march-to-a-different-drummer kinda frags. The “niche-y” frags.


Kay: You mean the ones that you and I looove....the pack for edgy elves like us!


Gwen: Exactly!


The Santa Gift Packs- 3 different packs, each with 4 decants of exceptional niche scents for $14.00 + shipping . Order your packs early to make certain you receive them in time.


Ms. Santa Gift Pack   
Whether she's married to the big man or not, one thing is for sure - she isn't married to  one fragrance. This woman is sophisticated, sometimes naughty and always nice. She  loves fragrance and wears them with élan. The smooth, chic scents in this gift pack were  designed for her.

Vamp à NY 

Nuit de Tubéreuse


Bottega Veneta 


Mr. Santa Gift Pack    
Underneath that Santa suit is a real Santa Baby! He gives to others and this year, he  deserves some of the best men's scents in the niche. Any of these frags will keep any  woman under the mistletoe.

Rose d'Homme  

The Third Man


Encre Noire 


Santa's Edgy Elf Gift Pack 

Everybody knows one - the free spirit who marches to the beat of a different drummer  boy. They seek the umique, the intriguing, the beguiling. This gift pack is for them. Or for yourself, if you happen to be a seeker and aficionado of great perfumes.........

Bulgari Black

Tilda Swinton Like This

Fougère Bengale

Idole de Lubin 


Remember to order early!