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Nose-to-Nose – The Smell of Fall - Sept 9, 2014


Image - Wikimedia Commons -Autumn in Toronto, Oct.23, 2011

Kay:            I haven’t caught the smell of Fall in the air yet.

Gwen:        Ahh, Fall. Cool and colourful. I know what you’re talking about, Kay - it’s not there for me yet, either.

Kay:            It’s been way too hot and humid. We definitely need some cooler days and nights to start the Fall ball rolling.

Gwen:        Absolutely! For those days when a sweater feels good. I loved my summer, but I’m looking forward to the change in seasons.  So what does Fall smell like to you, BFF?

Kay:            Earthy. Aromatic. Woody. Ripe, with that hint of decay…

Gwen:        Ahh, yes, full rich scents to tease our senses. Like the sharp pungence of jewel-coloured fall flowers, the breezy waft of streets and gardens with their carpet of red leaves, scented with woody dampness…

Kay:            You wax poetic, my dear.  I, too, crave that shift from summer’s light to autumn’s dark, just like you. Especially in perfumes. I see your eyes are glazing over… OK, which frags are you thinking about…

Gwen:        Chocolat Amère. Chocolate Amère by Il Profvmo is an oriental woody. That’s because the Chocolate note in perfume, comes from patchouli essence, it doesn’t smell chocolate-candy sweet, but rich, deep, dark and bitter with a dusty feel.

Then there’s Ambra del Nepal from i Profumi di Firenze. It opens with a coriander – spicy and woody with orange facets, it has a resinous aspect that is heightened by a note of smoky incense. Just the perfect frag for a cool fall day. How about you – what Fall smells are calling your nose?

Kay:            I’m thinking of Moonshine. It’s woody and green at first, with a dry gin vibe from juniper mixed with cedar and pine resins. Black pepper adds a little spice, tobacco and leather create a delicious animalic sweetness in the heart, and herbal patchouli is the dark mystery note in the base. Cool and woody, Moonshine is like a walk in the woods on a perfect fall day.

And then my mind wanders to Lampblack by Bruno Fazzolari. It’s about zesty bitter citrus and green earthy vetiver which turns into something darker, resinous and smoky, with soft powdered wood notes. Lampblack is a fascinating summer-to-fall story told through smoke, herbs, grass, and woods that unfolds beautifully on male and female skin.   

Gwen:        You know, we could go on and on for days talking about Fall, and how it smells to us, and which frags to wear. We’ve got so many luscious Fall frags to whet our appetites!

Kay:            Plus all the ones we haven’t written about yet….

Gwen:        You know what I’m gonna do right now, Kay?

Kay:           What?

Gwen:        I’m moving these four frags to the front of the perfume shelves. I wanna be ready for Fall.

Kay:           And just in time, too! The weather report says we’re in for a change, in fact, the temperature has dropped ten degrees since this morning. Fall arrives today….

Gwen:        And we’re ready for it!


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Chocolate Amère – Il Profvmo

Ambra del Nepal – I Profumi di Firenze

Moonshine –

Lampblack - Bruno Fazzolari