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Nose-to-Nose – So much to talk about, or Paris Perfume Buzz - Wednesday February 15, 2012

Photo - Wikipedia - Eiffel Tower during bid for Olympics 2012

by Andrew Horne, Feb.19, 2007

 Kay: Another trip to Paris is just a memory now, BFF, but what I want to know is, what's the buzz in Perfume Central, what’s hot in Paris ?

Gwen: Well, there’s more than just a FEW frags coming out for spring.

Kay: I know - there's a lot! I’ve been reading about some of them on nowsmellthis. They sound new and different – fascinating, even! 

Gwen: A lot of these new frags ARE different! Parisians get them first, and even though it's one of the coldest winters ever, they aren't concerned whether it’s a cold weather frag or a warm weather frag – if they like it, they’re wearin’ it, so I was sniffing all sorts of new frags just by walking around, not just in stores!

Kay: All I know is that I'm happy to have my bottle of Serge Luten's L'Eau Froide. Incense like I never imagined it could smell - hard and cold. Monsieur Lutens is taking us on a new trip with this frag.

Gwen: Oh, it’s different, all right. You know, cold as it is over there, the one scent that seemed to be everywhere was  La Violette by Annick Goutal.

Kay: Yeah, just the name is the epitome of Spring - wasn't La Violette introduced as an exclusive in 2001?

Gwen: That’s right, but now it's back - re-launching next month. And Esther in her last post mentioned Glam by Parfums de Rosine. I made certain I bought that while I was in Paris. It's gorgeous.

Kay: But it's not just perfumes that are filling the air – there’s many new room scents – Frederic Malle’s expanding range of candles, sprays, and different kinds of diffusers, for example – and books! There’s some fascinating books out, or about to come out, on perfume.

Gwen: You’re right! I can't wait to read Denyse Beaulieu's book called "The Perfume Lover", which launches on March 15th....... she's a great writer and so knowledgable.

Kay: Did you know that that Denyse’s story also inspired a new perfume? It’s a L’Artisan perfume by Bertrand Duchaufour called Séville a l’aube, which is launching in July – she just wrote about it on her blog.  And then there's Frederick Malle's book "On Perfume Making" which just came out, with wonderful illustrations by Konstantin Kakanias...

Gwen: It's HUGE! I have to buy a new coffee table for my copy!

Kay: You know, sometimes I read blogs that are all doomy and gloomy about how nothing is new or exciting and perfumes are just repeating and rehashing themselves....

Gwen: The Grand Ennui I call it.

Kay: We'll, we’ve got lots to talk about and share here at The Niche!

Gwen: So much, all fascinating.....and there’s tons more I haven’t told you about!

Kay: C'mon girl, no ennui for us! We've got some talking to do  - and then some writing!




Thank you !

Million thx for your hilarious backdrop stories illustrated in reviews, and just for damn well existing to begin with. Your's is the only niche perfume blog/review site in canada, and if that's not wholely true, it's the only one that can compare or exceed international standards. Canada has a small population, but, we're(fragfreaks) out here & growing!!

You're my favourite, and not just because you're Cdn!!!

lilac lady aka

Re: Thank you!

Dear lilac lady aka sherry,
First of all, your name - Lilac is one of the most beautiful Spring scents imaginable, and sherry is a deliciously boozy aperitif - almond notes, plum notes, leather...! We can't comment on the lady part, but you're a girl after our own hearts and ....we love you!
Thank you so much for  your comments. Yep, we're Canadian frag freaks, they do exist, and the more we sniff, the freakier we get, ay? (just ask our families).
But is not the only Canadian-based niche blog, there are several others, but we ARE the only one which offers decants for our readers to try of each of the frags that we write about. This website is a labour of love, we love the whole process - the research, the sniffing, the buying, the writing, the whole world of perfumes. We love sharing our frags, and our stories about them, which by the way, are all TRUE, even our dreams and fantasies (it's harder to make stuff up - this is our therapy!)
We' re so glad to hear that you think we're hilarious, and also glad to hear that you recognize that we have at least a whole brain between us and can artfully express a few serious thoughts occasionally. Our useless Arts degrees have finally come in handy!
We invite you to come back and leave more comments whenever you wish - you give us energy, inspiration and hope.
Happy spritzing,
Kay and Gwen