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Nose-to Nose – Suddenly, thousands of perfumes - April 10, 2013


Photo - Wikipedia - Perfume Wheel

Kay:     What’d you do last Sunday, BFF?

Gwen: Wrote my blog in the afternoon, and watched Mad Men after dinner!  What did you do?

Kay:     Taxes. Stayed in my PJ’s all day, and got everything ready for the tax-man. Didn’t even comb my hair. Fell into bed at 9:30. How was Mad Men? How was Don Draper?

Gwen:   He’s his old dark self. Boy, his character is primed to bust wide open and start getting…well, at least fifty shades darker…

Kay:       Hmm. Don’s destined for dark deeds….is he in free-fall like the guy in the credits?... I don’t wanna think about that. I’d rather tell you about my new frag experiences! I mixed some samples together on my arm by mistake while testing the other night, and WOW!  It got me seriously started on layering. You have to try these…

Gwen:    I was reading about layering different frags on a while ago! And listed some layering combos that Jean Claude Ellena suggested in a 2011 French Elle Magazine.

Kay:      Here – try this! Cuir de Lancôme and Chergui – leather and tobacco.

Gwen:   Mmm – fantastic – aromatic, slightly sweet and animalic. Inspired.

Kay:      And this one – Violet Empire and Bulgari Black

Gwen:   Wow – peppery woody vanilla and rosy – with rubber up top! Ingenious.

Kay:      To get something interesting, the trick is to pair strong and mellow, or simple and complex, so that the notes complement each other….like rose with incense, or jasmine with amber…

Gwen:   Or floral with spicy. I’m already making a list of what I’m going to try.

Kay:      You know the best part? Now I can create my own personal niche frags  my own Frederic Malle, or Histoire de Parfums or Serge Lutens collection. For example, would you like to try Un Bois d’Oranger, or Jeux de L’eau Froid sur le Peau? I’m not kidding – it smells sensational. Don’t look at me like that – even Serge himself says he mixes his fragrances - it’s all about the personal experience.

Gwen:   I’m with ya – I’m just thinking. How about Carnal Flower with Ambre Russe? Or Rose d’Amour with Elixir Patchouli, or L’Heure Bleue with Monsieur Balmain…   

Kay:      Ohh, I love those pairings – you’ll never know until you try them!

Gwen:   Well, this sure solves the problem of those frags that don’t sit right on our skin, or those notes that somehow just smell WRONG on some days – top ’em up with an amber or a vanilla or a woody spice. Make ‘em sing a new song!

Kay:       Right! Gwen, this gives us a whole new perspective on our collections – suddenly we have thousands of unique fragrances! Hey, maybe we could come up with a nice new frag combo for Don Draper – cheer him up a bit!

Gwen:    We could try, but really, I’d just rather smell HIM.