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Nose-to Nose – Top 10 Leathers for February 2014

Photo - Candyperfumeboy - Pierre Guillaume of Parfumerie Generale

Gwen:    Are you ready to talk perfumes for February?

Kay:       I dunno, BFF – I’m finding it difficult to even think right now…

Gwen:    Why, what’s up?

Kay:       That picture …

Gwen:     You mean the Pierre Guillaume pic?

Kay:        Yeah – that one, the hunk of perfect male-dom on your last post. The Parfumerie Generale guy.

Gwen:     Smokin’ hot – yup, he sure is.

Kay:       Makes me think of leather…don’t know why.

Gwen:    One look at that pic and I smell his perfume – Myrrhiad! myrrh and leather with notes of tea, and licorice, smooth and dreamy. It’s a leather scent that’s meant to be experienced, and not just talked about…

Kay:       One look at him, and I smell Or Black by Pascal Morobito. That blast of tar, smoke, herbs, rich leather, resins…a dark, earthy and sexy leather experience. If he hasn’t already made a frag like this, he should think about it……

Gwen:     Don’t stop now, I’d say we’re going on a leather trip…

Kay:       I’m driving on the Cote d’Azur in a sports car. It’s a classic Jag that says old money and pure sensuous luxury. The scent of leather seats is aromatic perfection…wait a minute, it’s the Adonis behind the wheel who smells so good! He’s wearing Knize Ten – spicy, rosy, woody and leathery, so smoky and warm . Classic car, classic guy, classic scent.

Gwen:     OK – My turn! You get out and I’ll get in – only two in a sports car! My Adonis is wearing Greyland, another classic leather that is the very definition of manly – a wood/spice/leather blend with a touch of smoke and musk. Dashing ,smooth, refined, but still untamed….

Oh, now we’re in Florence and walking around the Duomo. I catch a whiff of something in the air. It’s Cuoio. The sensuous smell of leather and vetiver and florals and honey,  it's golden! And I hear a  word whispered in passing....Bellissimo!

Kay:       I’m in Paris now and I’m wearing Cuir de Russie. A leather Chypre, another leather classic this time by Coco Chanel. Jasmine  and iris, smoky birch tar, balsam and woody resins,  in-control and determined, unconventionally feminine, just like Chanel herself. Pure luxury in a bottle.

Gwen:    If we’re in Paris, then I have to wear Cuir Velours by Naomi Goodsir. It’s a leather and tobacco combo, but Naomi caresses her leather and tobacco with dark rum, and the unmistakable curry/maple note of immortelle. Like soft velvet suede…it’s divine!

Kay:       Now I’m in Milan. In my dreams, I always wear Bottega Veneta in Milan. A quiet white floral which dries down with caramel and patchouli notes into a creamy soft elegant leather, as soft as a baby’s skin, as soft as the suede lining in a Bottega Veneta handbag, and smelling just as sweet.

Gwen:     Last stop – Africa! I’ll have to go with Aoud Cuir d’Arabie by Pierre Montale. Pungent, rugged, and raunchy at the start, it softens as it dries down, with notes of rose and tobacco, ending in a sexy, intimate scent. Ohhhh.

Kay:       Africa, you say? Morroco? Morrocan leather, so intricately patterned and richly coloured. Cuir Mauresque by Serge Lutens is the leather to wear here. The surprise plastic resin note in the top, fading into citrus, jasmine and oudh…then leather! Soft leather with floral hints, drying down with amber and woods into the perfect skin scent. Ahhhh.

Gwen:    Whew, that was intense, and fun!

Kay:       Leather perfumes always do that to me, with or without pics of the perfect Pierre Guillaume.

Gwen:    I dunno about you, but I almost feel like having a cigarette.


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