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Nose to Nose – Win a Special $40 Value Pack of our Top Ten Faves for December - Dec. 3 2014

Image - Wikipedia - Reindeer pulling sleigh in Russia

Kay:      You know it’s time to announce our Top 10 Faves for December.

Gwen:    Let’s see….what will mine be? Messe de Minuit, Five O'clock Au Gingembre, Parfum Sacré, La Myrhhe, Itasca, which smells like the most perfect pine forest.

Kay:       Ahhh – I see where you’re going with this. Those frags all have fabulous cold weather notes. In that case, mine are Caravelle Epicée, Nuit de Noël, Winter Delice, Loup des Steppes, and Sandalwood.

Gwen:    Those are all perfect for December chill. Ya know, Kay, I’ve been thinking… since it’s the season for giving and sharing….

Kay:       You’re right! You’re a mind reader! Let’s have a giveaway contest. Readers love ‘em.

Gwen:     But let’s have some Holiday fun with it…..

Kay:        Oooh, I love reindeer games. Keep going…..

Gwen:     Let’s ask readers to answer questions from favourite Holiday movies, so they can qualify to win decants of all ten of our December Top 10 Faves in a special pack. It’s a $40+ value!!

 Kay:       Brilliant! And we’ll have a draw for the winner on December 11th and ship it right away.

Gwen:     Oooh, you just rang my jingle bells….

Kay:        So, here it is folks! Answer the three questions below and send your answers by midnight Dec. 10th and you could be rocking around the Christmas tree in some sensational seasonal scents this year.

December Top 10 Faves Contest

Name the movies and the character and/or actor who spoke the line quoted below:

1)“Must be beautiful up in Vermont this time of year. All that snow.”

2) "I want an Official Red Ryder Carbine-Action Two-Hundred-Shot Range Model Air Rifle!"

3) "This place reminds me of Santa’s Workshop! Except it smells like mushrooms and everyone looks like they want to hurt me.”

Bonus Question:

4)Answer this correctly by telling us what movie the following quote is from and we’ll include a $4.00 decant of your choice with your prize. Remember to include the name of your Bonus Decant choice with your answers to all 4 questions.

"Merry Christmas, ya filthy animal. And a Happy New Year."

Click here or on CONTACT US at the top of this page, and send us an e-mail with your answers by midnight December 10, 2014.

Have fun, folks!