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Nose-to-Nose – The winner is…and lottery fantasies, August 6, 2014


We have the winner for the draw for the 100ml. bottle of Terracotta Le Parfum, courtesy of Guerlain in Toronto.

…the winner is Janet B.

And she is over the moon with happiness! We know this, because she was so excited when we called her with the news.

Congratulations, Janet!

And to all of you who entered the draw, we send our sincere condolences.   The Contest Gods decided it just wasn’t your turn, but don’t despair, because we expect to have more draws for great niche scents in the fall season. Stay tuned….

Now, since it’s Wednesday, here is our Nose-to-Nose conversation about winning…

 Image -Wikimedia Commons - Casino at Monte Carlo, Monaco, by Jongleur100

 Kay:            Lucky Janet! A whole big bottle of the 2014 Guerlain Terracotta Le Parfum. It’s a show-stopper.

Gwen:        Yep, she’s a lucky perfumista, for sure!

Kay:            Have you ever won anything really great, Gwen? I think I won a flashlight once at a school fair when I was ten years old, which worked for about a week before it fell apart.

Gwen:        Nope. Never won a contest, but I do get phone calls telling me I’ve won a cruise to the Caribbean.

Kay:          Hah! I dream of winning a lottery. My husband buys a ticket every month and I always tell him to make certain it’s a winner, but he never listens to me. Most we’ve won is $50.

Gwen:        Somewhat less than the $50 million jackpot you read about people winning. Still, I’d be happy to win even $1 million!

Kay:            What would you do if you won $50 million, Gwen? I know exactly what we’d do, I’ve dreamed about it so many times. First of all, before we even cashed in the ticket, we’d nail down the tax and investment issues, so we know exactly how much we can keep, and how much we can give away to charities and worthy causes. Then I’d quit my job, and do this:

- give some to kids and relatives and special friends, like you BFF.

- finish renovating this house because we’d still want to live here. I can’t imagine leaving our little neighbourhood!

- do the travel Bucket List – just a few very special places

- get another dog, because I miss having a dog so much

- spend more time learning and writing about fragrances because this perfume passion just gets stronger and more fascinating.

That’s it – that’s my lottery dream. How about yours?

Gwen:        Pretty much the same as yours but without the dog. Oh, and since it’s a fantasy, I wouldn’t worry about the whole tax/investment thing. That’s just takes all the fun out of the exercise.

Kay:            Fantasies can have tax problems when they become real, BFF! But one more thing. In my lottery plan, our perfumeniche readers would get to share in our good fortune, too, because every month I’d buy a really big bottle of perfume to offer as a draw on Only these bottles will be very special ultra-rare fabulous wonderful perfumes like this bottle of L’Heure Bleue from Guerlain, which sells for $15,000.

Image - Guerlain 100th Anniversary bottle of L'Heure Bleue

Gwen:        Wow! Now, that’s a prize! There’s just one problem.

Kay:            What’s that?

Gwen:        We could afford 3,333 of these but they only made 40!

Kay:            Well, then, we’d just have to buy Guerlain!

Gwen:        Perfect! I love the idea of living on the top floor of the store in Paris!

Kay:            You know what I love? Fantasizing about how to share our prize money with our perfumeniche friends.

Gwen:        Me too. I mean that’s what blogs do best – they build communities of like-minded people.

Kay:            Like a family…

Gwen:        …where everyone smells really, really good!